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10 things that will change your life easily. 2020

Tips to change your life

Life is not a script that we have to follow in order to get to a certain destination; we need to make an effort to set the wheel of progress in our life running every season. Do not giving in to the feeling of being trapped by certain circumstances in your life. I have found ten things that will change your life easily if you follow them well.

Take the right brain diet.

The brain has the power to influence many things in your life including your aging process. We need to eat the right food not only for our body’s health but also for our brain health. There are several food that help our brain to function well such as avocado, brain berry, blue berry, coconut oil, olive oil,Barley, Beans,  Broccoli, etc. Do well to include these foods in your diet plan so that you can change your life through the proper functioning of your brain and body.

Kill your ANTS.

The ants are your negative thoughts. How well do you control your negative thoughts from taking you away from your joy?  All the “I can’t, I am too young, I am too old, I am not smart, I am not attractive, I am not lovable, I am not good enough” statements of this kind are your ANTS that you have to work on. You can turn all these self-sabotaging statements to self-empowering thoughts to help you succeed in whatever you do. For example, I am successful, my life thrives every day, I am good enough, I can do all things etc.

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Peer groups

The people you choose as friends have two important things to do in your life, the first; they will either help you grow or they will help you sink into negativity and failure. Honestly, evaluate yourself do you have a group of people who accept who you are unconditionally and are positive about themselves? We must associate ourselves with people who have a positive outlook of life rather people who we think they like us.


One of the things that will change your life is exercise. How often do you exercise your body weekly? Only food cannot make us strong and functional, moving the body beyond its comfort zone can keep us fit. Our brain is also health when we exercise the body daily or weekly.

Clean environment

Cleanliness is next to godliness. We are our environment, what is happening in our surrounding can have a negative or positive impact in health and life in general. People who live in nice places usually look healthy and happier than those who live in bad surrounding. In order to achieve the happy life that awaits you, it is important to keep your environment clean and tide always.


Do you sleep properly in the night without being preoccupied with worries of the next day? We often focus on what does not exist and pressure ourselves to change things that cannot be changed; these behaviors cause unrest all the time in our life. I am aware that the inability to sleep can also be cause by diseases and, many other sicknesses but we must recognize sleep as an important aspect of life. It helps our mind relax and function well for making wise decisions.

New skills

Everything that we do requires a skill, to make it much easier for us to accomplish our desired results. Every sphere of life has undergone a revolution from businesses, politics, lifestyle, education etc.So the surest thing that will change your life is acquiring new skills as frequent as possible so that you can copy with the environment and life as a whole.

Manage your stress

How often have you intentional put time aside, just to relax without doing anything? Many people put themselves under a lot of pressure to complete different task at the same time whiles ignoring the fact that our brain functions very well if it is relaxed and focus on one thing. One way to manage stress properly is to have a schedule for everything you need to do in a day or a week this will help you to avoid the urge to achieve everything within a short period.

Protect your brain

With the growth of technology, we are always surrounded by radioactive devices, therefore, we need to protect your brain from the wave emitted by the devices we use . Most of the devices such as mobile phones emit dangerous electromagnetic waves that can affect the function of our body and brain as well. You can protect yourself by putting your devices in case or put them away when you are asleep.

Find your motivation

The last 10 things that will change your life is motivation. We do all things but not all things energies us to keep pushing in life. You have to find the one thing that keep you optimistic when you are feeling down or discourage from pursuing your dreams in life. For some listening to their favorite motivational speaker is enough whiles others reading a memoir of a hero is good to keep them going. You can study yourself and find out what motivate you.


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