1st Coronavirus patient at Tema recounts how he contracted the virus from a South Korean friend and his experience at treatment centre

Frederick Dra, a coronavirus patient who was infected by his friend from South Korea recounts how he contracted the virus and medical care given him at the isolation center to calm down fears.

According to him, he had a contact with a Ghanaian friend who recently came from South Korea not knowing his friend had contracted the disease.

But after some few days, he realized he has fever and general body pains of which he cannot go about his daily activities as he frequently does. So he had to report to the Tema General Hospital to undergo some tests including Covid-19 test.

“I have to report myself to the hospital because of the symptoms I was seeing. I wanted to be sure if I have contracted the virus. “

1st Coronavirus patient at Tema recounts how he contracted the virus from a South Korean friend and his experience at treatment centre

Speaking to Umaru Sanda Amadu of Citiv TV in an interview monitored by smartandstuck.com, Mr. Dra said, after visiting the hospital to undergo the tests, he was asked to self isolate so he does not spread the disease in case he had contracted it.

“I reported myself to be tested for the virus and after my samples had been taken, I was asked to go home but I was cautioned to isolate myself from my family so they also don’t get the disease in case I have contracted it”.

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Mr. Dra further stated that after some few days, he received a phone call from the hospital that he has tested positive for the virus and had to be taken to an isolation center to receive proper medical care.

“So some few days’ time, I received a call from the hospital that I have tested positive for the virus and I have to be taken to a treatment center to be taken care off.”

He noted that his family were also tested for the but their test results came out negative which means they do not have the virus in their blood.

When asked how he felt when he got the news about his coronavirus status, Mr Dra said he thought his world has come to and end and there is no way he will recover as it is believe in our part of the world that coronavirus patients are bound to die.

But after some few weeks at the treatment center, he has a different view to that ‘mischievous’ thoughts and it has given him hope that he will soon recover from coronavirus.

“I thought my world has come to end because of how some people discuss the disease. But I now have a different view of the virus and I believe I will reunite will my family again”.

His friend who contracted the disease after his travel to South Korea, is currently receiving treatment at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital.

Mr. Dra then called on all Ghanaians not to discriminate against persons infected with the deadly disease since it is curable.

Source: Nana Kwame/Smartandstuck.com

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