October 2, 2023

Two female students at the University of Professional Studies (UPSA)  have been expelled from the institution’s hostel for engaging in acts of lesbianism.

The two resident students had a threesome with a non-residential male at the institution’s hostel facility.

A statement from the institute revealed that the said females fondled each other during their sexual escapade and engaged in some form of lesbianism.

“Engaging in acts of lesbianism is contrary to Section 1.28.11(g) of the Student Handbook of the University of Professional Studies, Accra; 2018 and Schedule G 8.3 (23) of the Statute of the University.

“They have since been dismissed from UPSA Hostel awaiting further sanctions from Management,” part of the announcement read.

The management further announced that the notice should serve as a deterrent to all resident students.

The school also cautioned resident students to avoid harbouring “perchers” and accommodating visitors beyond 10 pm.

“Desist from sexual misconduct and observe all other rules and regulations in the Hostel as well as the Student Handbook. Any student caught infringing any of the regulations will not be spared,” it warned.