October 2, 2023

Happiness is our birthright it is not a destination or an object that we have to achieve before celebrating ourselves. Each of us has a unique gift in us that we should use as a point of happiness and a valuable thing to share with the world. However, if we put our happiness on a an imagination pedestal chasing for something to come and fill a void in us before we celebrate ourselves then we will never get really happiness.

Research has shown that a huge number of people are not happy with themselves, their jobs, relationships, family and life in general. This attitude to life is not something that a single policy and rule can save us all but the real cure lies in each of us. we must all correct our mindsets,  personal belief system and the type of thoughts we entertain in our mind.

There are many practices that we can do on our own to make us happy and healthier without any influence from the external world. I called them the secrets of happiness. I have gathered 20 of them to share with you. They are as follows.

Your Life Has Purpose and Meaning.

Visualize life as a place covered with flowers, imagine that one of them is removed, now compare the old scene to the new one. Does the beauty remain the same when one flower got removed? Surely no, what I want you to understand is that none of us is an accident in this world. We have something important to contribute to make this planet a beautiful place. There is no one on this planet who is exactly like you and can do everything you can do. You have to find that unique thing in you and do it that is where true happiness comes from. Don’t do things because they will attract attention to you do things because you love and can do them well.

Use a Strategy for Happiness

Happiness is not a destination where we have to do something or achieve something before we get it. It is rather something we use to get what we want. Most people stress themselves too much trying to earn a happy life outside of them; the more they try, the more they get unhappy.

You must have a point for happiness; waiting for it to happen is never possible. Think about what makes you happy and what makes you sad, and use that as a vessel to help you get what you want.

You Don’t Have to Win Every Time

Winning is a good experience but you should not over obsess about it to an extent that is superhuman. Understand you have the right to desire a win, however, everything have it’s season. If you win, enjoy it. If you don’t focus on the next tasks ahead and continue with your life.

Your Goals Should Be Aligned with One Another

Your goals should not conflict with one another you have considered where desire to be and the situation you have at hand. If your goal is to build an international business you have to make it align with how you want enjoy with your family. As an international business person you may not have the time enough to be with your family always. Plan everything in a way that you don’t have one part of your life working and another part dying off.   

Choose Your Comparisons Wisely

Comparison is one of the habits killing our happiness in this modern time. We compare facebook likes, twitter likes, instagram likes to that of people and become unhappy with ourselves. We must understand we can never be equal so comparison is unnecessary. Compare yourself with things that will inspire you to take action to another level of your life and forget of meaningless things.

Work on yourself

We cannot change the world to our expectation. What we can do is to work on ourselves including our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, habits and lifestyle so that the universe does shake our happiness unnecessary. One way to do this is by taking personal development programs, attending seminars, going for therapy and reading books.

Cultivate Friendships

Don’t wait for others to come to you, cultivate a loving heart toward people they will give you back a loving kindness. I use this attitude to overcome my loneliness in the past years. It real works!

Accept Yourself—Unconditionally

Examine yourself to know your weakness and strength. Accept yourself unconditionally without use external thing to justify your being.

Remember Where You Came From

Humble yourself all the time. Know where you are coming from. Do not let your present circumstance low yourself esteem.

Limit Yourself to Thinking About One Subject as You Lie Down to Sleep

Over thinking destroys happiness and may not get you solution to your problems. Research shows that many of the things worry about never even happen. Focus on one thing at a time when you are going to sleep even during the day you have to remain focus.

Recognition your blocks

Evaluate your life to know what is holding you back. Are you a victim of a family belief or past abuse, a cultural system? Remember you have to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results. You don’t have to complain about things breakthrough them with courage. There are programs that are specific design to help you breakthrough every block of your life. a very good example is the block buster system. It is good program that has helped many.

Have Realistic Expectations

Another simple secret of happiness is being content with what you have rather than have fantasies of how things should be. The one thing about happy people is that they use what is within their reach as a point of happiness, whiles working for what they truly want.

Also read: how to overcome excessive fantasizing in relationships.

Be Open to New Ideas

You don’t have hold rigidly to what you know in past all the time, sometimes you have to be flexible to with copy the current developments and the change of lifestyle.

Share with Others How Important They Are to You

People love to be noticed and accepted, if you are constantly upholding your own importance people will not want to be close to you because they are not seeing any commonality with you.

Believe in Yourself

Believe that you are smart and don’t judge yourself anyhow. Most of us don’t believe in own ability to create greatness in our lives. If you can’t believe in yourself no one will believe in you. You don’t have to be trying to intelligent just recognize that it is already in you. There is an old saying, “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, either way you’re right.”

Pay Attention. You May Have What You Want

Don’t think the outside world have all the things you need to be happy, sometimes what you are searching is already it is just that you have not paid attention to it. It could be that you need to accept reality and connect with people just the way they are.

Be Positive.

 Be optimistic about life. Most people want to be around others who have a outlook of life. Be the one who make people believe they can succeed in life.

Be Flexible.

Don’t be controlling your relationship with others, we all want to be in touch with our relatives and friends despite this we don’t have to be thinking about how we can put out our views for these people to follow but we should embraced the difference in character, likes and dislikes that these people have.

Join a Group.

Isolation kills dreams and happiness. Find a group that is good to you according your values and be a supportive member.

Enjoy What You Have.

Enjoy the little you have whiles waiting for what you want. When you use small things properly, the big things come by themselves. Don’t be comparing what you have with others accept yours and be grateful for it.

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