29 Tips to Reduce Fat Belly

Interestingly, belly fat can be removed or reduced by the same method that other fat can.  It just takes the right of diet and exercise.  However, other factors can impede weight loss and cause you to retain belly fat.  Below are 29 tips that can help you reduce that belly fat and have the right abs you’ve always dreamed of:

1. Walk—Try to get in not less than 10,000 steps every day.  If you have a sedentary job, this may be difficult for you.  Schedule a time and place to do brisk walking every day.  If you can’t, then choose a few other walking activities like parking at the far end of the parking lot at work or when you go to grocery or department stores.  Walk on the steps instead of the elevator.

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 2. Use avocados instead of mayonnaise

ripe avocados will make your sandwich moist like mayonnaise, and have good fat instead of bad fat.  This can also lower your cholesterol.

3. Avoid emotional eating—sometimes people use food as a comfort.  When you’re hurt or upset, you turn to food to make you feel better. When you feel like eating just to eat and you know you’re not hungry, substitute it with something else like going on a bike.  If you must eat something, make it fresh fruits or vegetables.

4. Add spice to your life—Research has found that people that were overweight will become slimmer if they eat meals that contain Chile peppers.  They contain capsaicin.  It’s what makes them hot, and it helps the liver clear insulin from your bloodstream after you eat.  Since insulin is the hormone that tells your body to store the fat, clearing it from the body can reduce belly fat.

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5. Eat chocolate

Yes, you read correctly.  So often, people ignore their cravings for chocolate because they feel it is “bad” for them.  Dark chocolate, however, is lower in fat and very high in antioxidants, so eating it will both satisfy your cravings and give you a healthy snack.  You can also shave dark chocolate into dishes like barbecue sauce or chili.  That gives it a good flavor boost, and will help you prevent heart disease as well as keep your cholesterol at a good level.  If you want a good nighttime snack, take two tablespoons of dark chocolate and melt it in the microwave. Stir it with 4 ounces of vanilla yogurt and top it with about a tablespoon of almond slivers. 

6. Keep good posture—Although you might not realize it, you use many core muscles simply to hold yourself up straight in good posture.  Keeping good posture while tightening your stomach muscles can strengthen both the back muscles and the abdominal muscles this will you reduce your fat belly effectively.

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 7. Simple leg lifts—To tighten the abdominal muscles, lay flat on your back. Raise your feet about two inches off the ground and hold it to a slow count of ten.  Lower your feet and then do it again. Try to do this at least 10 times a day.  It is a simple basic way to begin to strengthen weakened abdominal muscles.

 8. Breath control exercises—a simple supplemental exercise is breath control exercises that are good for the abdominal region. Yoga is a prime example.  Though it is optional, and not essential for reducing belly fat, it is a simple way to strengthen the abdominal area and remove inches from your waistline.  

9. Stir fry don’t deep fry—Often, people think they’re “stir frying,” but use too much oil that they might as well be deep frying their vegetables.  Instead of using a lot of oil, just use a small amount of oil to start.  Then, gradually add water and let the vegetables stir-fry in their own moisture. This will reduce your fat intake and give the vegetables a quality taste.

 10. Use oats to stuff meat recipes—Use oats that are in the same amount of other things you fill with such as crackers or bread crumbs.  Oats is good for your health because it contain a good amount of fiber content, that will you reduce your cholesterol.  

 11. Use a healthier, low-fat recipe to replace your “fish-n-chips” recipe—Use white fish such as cod or haddock and cut it into strips.  Use sparkling water and self-rising flour for a light batter mix.  Fry the strips in a little amount of canola oil.  Instead of deep fried French fries, cut potatoes and bake at 450 degrees in canola oil that you season with things like:  herbs, salt, garlic, etc.

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 13. Reduce cheese in your toppings—If you have a recipe that calls for a grated cheese topping, you can reduce fat and add fiber by replacing half of the cheese with whole-wheat bread crumbs.  The crumbs keep the texture of the baked cheese, so you won’t know the difference.  

14. Don’t eat tuna salad with a lot of fattening mayonnaise— instead, you can add hot sauce, lemon juice, and pepper to your tuna.  It tastes great and adds no fat.

 15. Use grated cheese instead of slices

cheese close up dairy products

Grate hard cheeses such as Parmesan on your sandwiches.  You’ll get all the cheese flavor with much less fat.

16. Have meals without meat—I’m not saying go totally Vegan, but every meal doesn’t have to be a “meat and potato” meal.  Eat vegetarian lasagna and go without beef.  Prepare eggplant parmesan instead of veal parmesan.  You’ll be taking in less fat, so there’ll be less fat to stay around your middle.

 17. Use squash instead of a lot of cheese—By adding pureed butternut squash to half the cheese mixture in foods like macaroni and cheese, quesadillas, or grilled sandwiches will reduce the calorie count without altering the taste of the food. Squash is high in vitamins and potassium, so not only will your food have less fat and calories, it will be healthier.

 18. Use greens to wrap your meat—Instead of eating meats that are between two slices of bread, wrap them in a large lettuce leaf or some other leafy green such as bok choy, romaine lettuce, or Chinese cabbage.  You’ll be reducing your intake of carbohydrates that can add belly fat.

 19. Make your pancakes healthier

delicious food homemade

Cornmeal is healthier than traditional flour.  It has a higher fiber content, as well as magnesium.  For healthier pancakes, replace half your flour with cornmeal.  They’ll have a great texture and be much healthy for you.

20. Make sure you get all the vitamins from your cereal—If you’ve taken the steps to eat healthier breakfast cereals, you probably aren’t getting all the nutrition from it that you should.  In order to do so, you need to drink the milk in the bowl. As much as 40 percent of the nutritional vitamins from your cereal will dissolve into the milk, so drinking it makes it healthier for you.  

 21. Keep frozen bananas on hand—Frozen bananas are great for making smoothies that are healthy and nutritious. They taste sweet, so they eliminate the need for sugary ingredients.  Frozen, they have the cold state for good thick smoothies and won’t go bad quickly but they can if they’re unfrozen.

22. Make your dips yourself—Store-bought dips can be very high in fat content and calories.  If you prepare your dips yourself, however, you can greatly reduce the fat and calories.  Just use fat free sour cream or yogurt.  You can mix it with an equal portion of salsa or add herbs and/or lemon.  Whatever flavor you choose will be much healthier for you this way.

 23. Purchase nuts that are in shells—If you have to spend time shelling the nuts, you’ll spend less time eating big handfuls of them.  Nuts in and of themselves can be healthy, especially pistachios, almonds and walnuts.  If, however, you eat too many, they become like any other food you overeat and will cause you to gain weight.

 24. Boil your peanuts—If you boil peanuts for a few hours, they will have approximately four times the amount of antioxidants they have prepared any other way.  Boiled peanuts are a popular snack already in Asia, China, Australia, and the southern portion of the US.  If you haven’t tried them, the next time you want peanuts, give them a try.

 25. Balance your baked potatoes—many people give up baked potatoes because of the high glycemic rating.  You can have them, however, if you balance them with a healthy topping like cheddar cheese, broccoli, mushrooms, or spinach.

 26. Rinse canned beans

bacon beans

Beans such as kidney beans are a great way to add both fiber and protein to a meal.  Canned beans, however, contain a lot of sodium.  This can give you a bloated feeling as well as cause high blood pressure.  Rinsing them, however, washes away that high sodium content and makes them healthy again.

 27. Make your side dishes thicker—If you use evaporated milk that is fat-free in dishes like mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese, you will give them a thicker texture that will seem more filling.  In addition to that, you’ll be taking in more calcium per cup without all the fat.

 28. Serve yourself water as an appetizer—Water is filling, cleansing, and keeps you properly hydrated.  If you drink two glasses of water before each meal, you will fill up quicker and eat less.  

29. Jog

Jogging isn’t for everyone, but many people stay fit and trim from jogging.  You can do this outdoors, on an indoor track, or on a treadmill.  If you’re over 50, you want to check with your physician to be sure you’re physically fit for jogging.  Many times the jar from jogging on the knees, hips, and/or back can be harmful to those with problems.  Once you have a clean bill of health, “Run Forest, Run!”