October 2, 2023

Documents in the portable document format, or PDF, are distributed among people for a variety of reasons. Sometimes people or groups will use these documents to spread a message or an announcement. Scholarly articles are mostly downloaded in PDF formats for educational purposes. Textbooks with so much pages can be compressed into pdfs and downloaded with ease.

Pdfs can best be opened with a variety of apps including Adobe acrobat reader, PDF reader etc. While there are so many PDF applications available on the play store and Apple Store, not all of them can open your PDF documents.

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In this piece, I will take you through 3 simple steps on how to open a

1. Use a good PDF reader

In my earlier submission I indicated that to open a PDF document you need to have a PDF reader. For me, Adobe acrobat reader is the best PDF reader I have ever seen because it can open any document I received on my tablet or PC. I have used it for several years and I can confidently recommend it to anyone who has difficulty in opening documents. Adobe acrobat reader allows you to edit pdf files, create pdfs on your own, organize pdfs, share pdfs, convert pdfs to Word and vice versa, reduce the size of pdfs files online, search for pages of a document and so much more. Also, Google Drive and Nitro Reader are other alternatives to Adobe acrobat reader.

2. Use a PDF unlocker

If the pdf you’re trying to open is password-protected, a pdf unlocker program can help. You can use the free PDF Unlocker program to decrypt protected PDF files on Windows. You can also use Soda PDF and PDF Utilities to unlock encrypted documents.

3. A web browser is a good option to open PDF files.

Another good option to open a pdf file without a a pdf application is to use your web browser. There are so many web browsers available for you to open your documents. It is okay to resort to this option but the only challenge is that it might not include all features of pdf reader such as highlight etc.