November 29, 2022

The 2022 year is still young and a lot of people are making plans of investing at low risk assets so they can earn more returns on their funds.  There are a lot of investment options. The COVID-19 has crippled many economies financially and continues to put pressure on economies across the globe, it has been a blessing in disguise. It has presented some discounted assets for investors to push their funds through and expect good returns. It is a great deal to come by money nowadays and to invest a little on you with so many uncertainties will be a headache for anyone. But to secure your financial future, is to invest. With the emergence of technology and its evolution, investment options have been in abundance.

Why invest?

It is likely most people have the feeling that they are not yet qualified to invest due to the present circumstances of their living conditions. It could be that such people are not having well paid jobs and so live from hand to mouth, another reason has to do with family responsibilities which includes paying of utility bills, school fees etc. But no matter your current situation, you should plan towards investing. Investing is important at every stage of life. I have listed 3 points to buttress my point.

Promotes discipline

The habit of investing your money despite the pressure from family, church and the rest requires discipline and to master the act of investing promotes discipline. To invest your money demonstrates a concern for the future and a discipline which you will reap the benefit of when you are no longer fit to go about your normal as you used to. If you have difficulty in making out how to invest your money, it is best to find a financial advisor to assist you to make the right decision on how to invest.

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Promotes good living standards

Investing your money helps to live a quality life. The future is untold and unknown and to invest for the future will end in happiness. There are so many people who have brighter futures after their retirement because they saved towards their future. Some invest to enjoy themselves at their older age. Others become miserable after they become older because they had no investment plan for their future.

Wise investment may provide income even when you go on retirement

Investment can bring handsome income even when you retire or die for your family to enjoy your sweat. There are so many people who are enjoying the sweat of either a relative or parent. Long-term investment for your future has the tendency to give a brighter and fruitful future when you are no longer in active service.

Below are four (4) investment options to earn more in 2022

Invest in Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency has become a major investment option for many people around the globe. Crypto investment is the go to investment option for most people nowadays. Crypto is digital money. It uses blockchain technology and it is considered secure because it is capable of establishing distributed consensus. Though there are a lot of cryptocurrencies in the system, Bitcoin is the preferred one for most traders due to many factors. Cryptocurrency is of the newest and interesting asset classes available for investors to reap benefits on their income. However, when investing in cryptocurrency, do not invest more than you wish to lose because it does not have a centralized system of operation where you can seek redress on issues of misunderstanding or take legal action against. You can invest crypto coins in companies which have a total focus on cryptocurrencies and it include mining companies, mining hardware makers such as Robinhood Markets, Inc etc. 

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Invest in Treasury Bills

Treasury bill investment is another good option to make handsome money. A treasury bill is a government security issued by the Ministry of Finance as a short-term loan from the public to the government of the day. Investors who buy these securities are loaning money to the government, which promises to repay them after a specific period of time, known as maturity stage. This kind of investment will never go down the drain because the government will do everything within its power to pay back the money it has taken from you in a form of loan with interest attached to it so your money will not lose its face-value.

Invest in Real Estate

Real Estate investment brings good earnings on your cash. With real Estate investment you buy a piece of land let say 10 acres of land and start developing buildings on it, connect road through the Estate, you wall it, connect electricity and water and put it up for sale or rental. It is very costly to invest in real Estate development but the profit you can make out of it is marvelous. It has to do with having a careful plan taking into consideration surveyors, contractors and whole lot of experts you need to hire to make your idea of developing an Estate community come into fruition. You can develop an estate and use it for rentals. For such case as an investor, you will be the Landlord and take responsibility for things like paying property tax, insurance, maintaining the property, finding tenants and dealing with any other problem. There are other ways you can invest in real estate.

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Fixed annuities

An annuity is a contract which is often made with an insurance company that you will pay a certain amount of money for a specific period of time in exchange for an upfront payment. This can be a contract for many reasons. One of such reasons can be when your parents passed away, the cost of funeral will be catered for by the insurance company or when your children are done with their college education and are about to enter uni, the insurance company takes care of their fees. 

With this kind of investment, the contract promises to pay a specific amount over a period of time. You can also contribute a lump sum and take it immediately after the contract agreement has reached its maturity stage and in most cases it when you’re going on retirement. 

2022 has just begun and there are so many investment options for you which you can earn more after a period of time. Do not wait till it is too late for you. The write-up discussed four (4) investment options to earn more in 2022. I explained what the meaning of investment is and went on to state three (3) reasons why it is important to invest. I finally touched on the 4 investment options to more in 20022 which include Cryptocurrency investment, Treasury Bill investment, Real Estate Investment and fixed annuities.