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5 mental blocks you must remove to have a great life.

Great plans, dreams and investment but little results in life, do you feel like life is just unfair to you? The answer should be no, because everything you need is not beyond reach but the battlefield is in mind. There are mental blocks hindering smart people in their quest for a great life. Indeed, one mental habit or another blocks us all, however, with a conscious effort you can overcome them.

 Naturally, we are endowed with intelligence, talents and gifts to live an amazing life. However, we are mostly hacked by mental blocks from achieving the desired goals we set for ourselves. As smart people, we may be open to suggestions, read good books but that does not guarantee that life will avail much for us because if we do not accept reality and work on ourselves things won’t change by chance.

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 The truth is that the world is a reflection of us; it gives based on our own belief system. You can have all the capabilities and still failed because of wrong belief system, and thinking habits. We must examine our live from time to time to eliminate all self-limiting beliefs and other mental blocks that keep us in a small world.

Although it is normal to make mistakes in our choice that lead us in our daily life, but we must admit that there are mental blocks that limit our reality. One mistake of smart people is they do not believe in practices, they rather use their imagination, reasoning and willpower trying to figure out a single technique or an action that will perfectly bring them all the comfort they need in life.

As an amazing people looking for a great life, we have to go beyond mental blocks and build a successful life and career. We must include spirituality, love and a never giving up attitude so that nothing can stop us from pursuing our dreams. Let go all the fallacies that it will be better in the future and put ourselves into real life for miracles to happen. If are you are aware of what is holding you back, then it easy to overcome it so I am going to introduce you to five common mental blocks that hold gifted people back from being their best version.

 Expectation: The problem most people have is an inflated expectation of the outcome of their life; they compare real life with TV scenes, movies and stories. Instead of dealing with the reality of the present moment and move on, we usually rigidly expect life to be perfect, characterize with money, love, drama and the like. For example, some people crave for relationships based on what they see in Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood and Ghallywood movies therefore they compare their romantic experience to such movies scenes. The sad thing is they do not get satisfy with any relationship they enter into.

Know it all: we trust our imagination so much to the extent that if any suggestion or opinion does not much such imagination, we reject it. They assumption that you know everything is an illusion. The unknown has something better to offer. No matter what we know and how much we have learnt an open mind is an ingredient for success and happiness.

Mistrust: Not being able to trust ourselves and the world around us, is one of the mental blocks that can limit us from achieving the desire results we real want, if you doubt your own opinion and actions nothing is going to work in your favor. The root of doubt comes from the inner voice statement I am not good enough, and comparing ourselves to another person. We are unique and with different purposes to serve this world. You have to allow self-acceptance and trust come into your live in order for you to get into the great life you desired.

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Pressure: Smart people who are stuck in life usually get their motivation from a moralistic point. that is, I should, I must and I have to all these statements create an internal pressure, which cluster your mind with so many stories and fears making it difficult to have the clarity of mind to think properly to create your desired results in life. You must understand that the world needs innovation not rules therefore, your motivation should come from the pure consciousness of making life worthy of enjoyment.

 The need to be in control: The last mental block is trying to be in control, this behavior shuts down all our spiritual faculties for guidance. You may find it difficult to surrender to God or a higher power. We sometimes do not allow things to be exactly how the real are, we are influenced by our thoughts and get distracted from the main thing we are seeking to achieve. We want everything to be the way we think it should be.

You may not have all the mental blocks listed above but no matter what you want to achieve in life the important thing is to work on your mind to find out what is blocking you. You can sign up for programs like the blockbuster to help you change your life the way you want it be.

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