6 best online apps to spy on your cheating partner on Android 

In every relationship, there are some point in time you feel insecure. It is either you do not believe your partner is not faithful to you or you feel you might be caught cheating on your partner. This can sometimes be a headache for you. You might even be pushed to ask friends of your partner to spy for you. However, modern technology has brought solutions to all these problems.

A mobile phone tracker has come to help and it is an application software that can be downloaded onto a smartphone to track activities of other phones. If you want to track a cheating partner, a spy application is your best option to choose. There are so many spying apps on the internet and this makes it very difficult to decide which amongst the lot to choose from. 

We have delved to bring you six(6) top spying applications you can download from the internet and use to spy on your cheating partner. 

Neatspy: As the name implies, Neatspy is an online application that spies beautifully on your partner. Despite the large number of spy applications on the internet that allows you to track your partner’s mobile device, the speed of Neatspy is incomparable. You do not need to touch the target’s phone before you can use the application. All you need to do is to enter the iCloud credentials in the registration process. Neatspy runs on Android OS version 4.0 and upwards. It is also a web service application which is accessible 24/7 to view what your target person does on his or her device. 


Location Tracker: Neatspy uses GPS and Wi-Fi to track a target phone and real time movement. Detailed information about the location of your target person and even with device address will be revealed to you. 

Browsing history: You get to know the websites your target has recently visited. Also you will be given the analysis of the time, date how often your partner does visit such sites and the information he or she reads there. This can be very helpful for parental control. Sometimes parents have to check the websites their wards visit to enable them know the kind of information their children are requesting. If it’s not helpful, parents can put control on such sites to ban the IP address of their wards.

Social media spy: This feature enables you to spy on the social activity of your partner. Social media platforms you can track your partner include, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat etc. The feature grants you access to view the conversations, files sent and received, posts made and the time and date the activity occurred.

View call logs: The Neatspy call recorder feature gets you all the information from the target device. You can through your dashboard view all the incoming and outgoing calls of your target. This includes call duration, time and date, caller name and phone number of caller. 

Read Text Messages: The messages of the target person can be viewed. Also, the content of the message, contact number of who sent it, name and other essential information will be revealed to you. 

Cocospy: Another best application to use when you want to spy on your cheating partner is the Cocospy. The online  application gives you great insights into the activities of a partner who might think he or she is cheating on you without you noticing anything. It is a free application tool for spying and a well known tool to spy on spouses in all aspects. 


Text Message Spying: The Cocospy can be of great help to you on tracking the messages your partner receives and sends without them knowing you are spying on them. You will have information on the name of the person he or she is cheating on you with, the contact details and the content of the message. 

Live Call Tracking: It helps you to track the calls made or received by the target’s phone and with that you can record the conversation for a maximum of 30 mins to monitor. You can be able to hear the conversation that is taking place between your partner and the other person. 

Location Tracker: Your partner’s phone GPS helps you to track his or her location. You can check your partner’s next place of stop after leaving your place. 

Social Media Spy: You can spy on the social media space of your partner which you have a strong feeling he or she might be cheating. Applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and what have views can all be spied on. The contact of the person your partner has been chatting with, the names of such persons, the date and time such conversations occurred all will be made known to you.

Teensafe: Though the application is created to spy on activities of kids online, it is a best tool to spy on your spouse. Tech experts recommend the use of this application because it provides parental control. Also when one wants to check on the activity of his or her spouse, the app is of great importance because it provides the best services in monitoring the actives of your partner.

FoneMonitor: Is another application when it comes to monitoring device activities. FoneMonitor works perfectly and allows you to fully use the advanced features provided by it.

Additionally, FoneMonitor offers some advanced features that come in handy and easy to understand for everyone.

Spyine: This is is an advance spying application that helps to be informed on the activities of your partner on his or her mobile device. You can easily track your spouse’s device while protecting your identity with its stealth mode.

The application has a keylogger feature which allow you to track typed messages on your target’s phone. You can even retrieved deleted messages of your partner with this feature. You can visit their official website for more updates.

Safespy: This is a spying application that helps you to get into the device of your partner without them knowing due to it advance features. It helps you to track device remotely. The keylogger also records all the social media passwords on that device.