October 2, 2023
anxious and worried

Being anxious and worried is one of the many tools that the enemy uses against us the children of God. We have the abundance of whatever we need in this life provided we seek frit om the right source. An anxious and worried mind cannot guide you to the right solutions of your problems because it’s preoccupied with useless questions and wild imaginations instead of Jesus Christ our savior. I used to be anxious and worried about my future but now the following scriptures helped me let go of being anxious and worried about what will happen in the future, I now give my life to the one who truly know my future.

1 Mathew 6:25-34

This scripture made us to understand that life is far greater than the material things we seek from the world to feed our flesh instead of gratifying our spirit self. Also, the Bible compares us to birds that do not work but are fed throughout their whole life which means God the father didn’t create us by an ancient but on purpose, and He surely serves all of us at his own time. So each day our duty is to find out what is it that God wants us to do in our life. It is not our duty to be anxious and worried we have to depend on God our creator, He knows the right conditions in our life all the time. The verse 28-30 asks us not to be anxious about our clothes. Simply put, our appearance most of the time we compare ourselves to other people’s appearances and low our self-esteem, and become anxious to be like them. I am not saying that we should not buy nice clothes but what I am saying is our value does not depend on it and it is not the basis by which God judges our intimacy with him therefore why are so anxious about them?

2 Philippians 4:6

This scripture gives us three tools we can use to make our needs and wants come to reality instead of being anxious and worried about them.The first tools is prayer. We usually forget that there is an economy called God’s economy, which   has everything for us on the condition that we draw near to Him through prayer. The second is a petition with thanksgiving. Making a sincere request with a quick thanksgiving tells the Father about our faith in His abundance and faithfulness in providing for our needs. The third is persistent in our request for what we want from Him. Mostly we give up quickly and relapse into our anxious and worried mind which has nothing to offer us.

3 2 Corinthian 10: 5

Apostle Paul tells us to refute arguments, theories, and reasoning and any other thing that raises our imaginations against the will God. Albert Enstein once said imagination is more important than knowledge. We have to train our imaginations to the will and purpose of God instead of useless imagination that make us anxious and worried.

4 1 peter 5:6, 7

This particular scripture tells us to be humble rather than interpret the world in our own ways and set useless standards for ourselves. We should give ourselves wholly to God for Him to take care of every condition in our life and trusting that with him we can do everything instead worrying about them.

5 2 Chronicles 20:12

Our anxieties and worry comes from the believe that we can do things on our own, but this scripture tells us to put an undivided focus on God to fight our battles, Our enemy the devil has many tricks than we know but it is far less than the power of our God. You stop being anxious and worried about circumstances because you have a God who is more powerful and all wise to provide exactly what you need. Instead of worrying surrender your life to him.

6 Hebrews 13: 5

This is an excellent scripture to use to encourage yourself when you have questions about whether or not God will come through and meet your needs. We must not wake up in the morning being anxious and worried about how to get money. You have to trust that whatever you do during the day with the presence of God will bring you prosperity and freedom from all poor circumstances in your life.

Please this is not a sermon I am providing your scriptures to help you cure an anxious and worried mind read them daily and master them the devil our enemy cannot win you to be anxious and worried again.

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