October 2, 2023

People are not more interested in scrolling to the second page of Google to find answers to their searched item when they have it on the first page and that SEO optimization is best for website to rank high. It is rare for visitors to move to other pages on Google for their desired results when they have it on the first search. So it points out that if one wants people to visit his or her website more frequently, the site needs to be at least sixth on the first page of Google Search.

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Optimizing your website to rank high on Google and other Search engines such as Bing, Yahoo etc. is the best way to get your website more recognized. Making use of SEO is good. It is no secret that good SEO is one of the factors of driving good traffic to your website and having the best readership across the globe. It is prudent for you to be updated on the current SEO trends to put you on top of your game. Google updates its algorithm thousands of times a year and this means that if you do not follow the current trends and put your website on the right path, you might have a great challenge ranking higher. In my piece, I will outline six tips which are more relevant in 2022 for improving your visibility and rankings.   

Focus on on-page SEO

Be rest assured that in 2022 on-page optimization is the best and easiest way to rank high on Google. It is quick to do and you immediately see the results in a short time. For example, when you write a story and you immediately work on your on-page SEO you will get the results that you’re ranked on either first or second on the first page of Google. Optimizing your site has to do with all the elements that appear on the pages of your site that you can optimize such as the headlines, page titles, content and images. Meanwhile, off-page SEO has to do with creating importance for your site to be seen by search engines. And you can do that by getting more backlinks and a whole lot more I shall talk about in my subsequent article. I have listed some points below on some best practices to help you with on-page SEO;

  • Do not forget to use your keywords at the beginning of your title tags
  • Your content should be packed with relevant information on a subject matter. And should be at least 1,800 words
  • Your keyword should not be more than two or three per page
  • Offer backlink to other websites and request the same from them but it should be from relevant ones

Improve your website’s speed

One of the factors Google takes into consideration when ranking a website, is the speed. You can have the best of content but when loading your page becomes a bit slower, it makes it difficult to rank on the first page of Google. Google considers that as a factor so that readers can have the best experience of the site in terms of loading faster. Another reason is lazy-loading pages tend to be boring for readers. A reader might want urgent information to confirm his or her suspicion, make a statement or inform his subordinate or boss. You can deal with that by deleting some plugins you might not need in putting your site in form. Google’s PageSpeed tools can be useful in boosting your site’s speed. It will give you analysis of contents on your pages and make you aware of how fast or slow your site loads. It will finally give you recommendations on how you can boost your loading time.

Backlinks and quality content

Do not settle for low quality as that can really affect your ranking in Search engines. Write high quality contents. Such contents have the capability to put you in a good Google search. I earlier stated that your post should have at least 1800 words but posts with like 2000 to 3000 words rank even higher in search engines. Note that it is not the keywords that hook your readers to your content but the overall quality of your content. Thus writing relevant, intriguing and interesting write-ups is the right path to rank high.

Also, backlinks are key ingredients to ranking on top in Google search and other search engines. You can request from a different website to exchange backlinks which means in your articles, you will put an article link of the different website in your content and the same will be done to your website. And this can be in the form of guest posts in which a person or corporate entity will give you an article to publish and when publishing the content, you’ll give backlink to the person or corporate entity’s site. You have to focus on the quality of such links. A link which is directed to your website from big brands such as tertiary institutions like Oxford University or an ecommerce chamber will give your website a boost in search engines.

Focus on internal links

As much as you are building on backlinks to get a higher boost in Google search, you should also focus on creating internal links. An internal link is a hyperlink that links a page to another on the same domain. They help Google in finding your page so it can be indexed. In your articles it is right for you to have internal links for Google to rank you higher. Other pages on the same website might be of interest to readers and creating internal links make readers stay on your site a little longer. The reader initially might want to stay on your site for a few seconds but due to internal links on the page it might take the person a little longer to stay.

Use LSI keywords

Latent semantic indexing describes related phrases which a search engine like Google can use to get a better understanding of your content and rank you higher. We perceive such words as entirely synonyms but it can be phrases closely connected to your main keyword. For instance, if your main keyword is Social media marketing, your LSI can be marketing campaigns, brands, endorsements etc. Google nowadays has evolved and does not only take keywords that will only grasp only what your page is talking about. You can use phrases and synonyms that have the potential of ranking you higher in search engines. In optimizing a page or post, do not forget about synonyms even though you might have a single keyword or phrase you want to use.

You should know that when people are searching for a particular item they do not use a single word. If for instance they are searching for a fan, they might probably be typing standing fan, ceiling fan, appliance etc. LSI keywords enrich your content and give search engines accurate information about your post for indexing. Google is likely to rank high content that has good LSI keywords over content with a single keyword or phrase. 

Social media engagements

Get on the social media train by making your site posts have more engagements. The more people like, share, comment and interact with your content on social media be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, the better your site will rank in search engines. Although, it is not known how social media engagements affect your search engine ranking, it is an undeniable fact that contents shared on social media with high rate of engagements has higher traffic compared to posts with no social media engagements. Search engines make use of social media engagement data to rank sites.