Akrobeto Recieves His Life-time achievement Award As‘ Honorary Professor Emeritus’ Title For His Work In The Media – Check Out Video

In the last two years, Akrobeto aka ‘Who Nose Tomorrow’ has been doing a yeoman job every Friday night as he serves the viewers of UTV with an hour of pure laughter on his show “Real News”.

The Kumawood star turned broadcaster has been offering a lot of fun on the show with his inefficiency to fluently speak English despite the big Longman English dictionary he always has with him.

Based on how successful the show has become, Akrobeto went into dreamland, where he was awarded an Honorary Professorial title after a stint with BBC, CNN, VOA, and Aljazeera.

Funny enough, it turned out that it was just a new trailer for the show.

Well, after hours of it being uploaded on the official Instagram page of UTV, it has gathered over 40,000 views with hundreds of comments from social media users who have a lot to say about the video which is top-notch, to say the least.

Despite media might just have created one of the best show trailers with this video they have decided to put together for multiple award-winning Ghanaian actors, Akwesi Boadi ‘Akrobeto’.

Check it out below

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