Elevating the fact that nothing comes on a silver-plata, this album emphasizes on ceasing every opportunity possible and making a dynasty out of it!

To every journey, there is the need to find at least a reason to keep you moving in other to elevate your status. This can be actaulised through persistence, tenacity and dedication to the attainment of one’s self-actualisation or goals.

As aforementioned, as a background study and a yardstick, characters are developed to protagonise the subject matter and its themes.

This is to assist the listener to easily relate to the intent which the album intents to creates. This is to create a psychological touch to motivate the listener to keep to his or her pursuit, no matter the obstacles. Even and even if it goes contrary to the limitations your society places on you!

Consider this whole album as novel and the pieces and its chapters, as every poem is technically written to both educate and entertain.

This is explicated through the eleven pieces as follows.

  1. Stage Play
  2. That Schooling System 
  3. Sarkcess Will Manifest 
  4. Case Close
  5. Work Of Art 
  6. Prince Of Poetry
  7. Under My Umbrella 
  8. Foot Print 
  9. The Call
  10. Sailing Ship
  11. A Pun Star


This piece mimics what goes in a theater, placing emphasis on the fact that life is like a staged play which first takes place in one’s mind. In this case, in the listener’s mind.

Through this technique, the poem serves as the introductory poem to the whole album and connects the listeners’ minds’ to the rest of the album.


The gong as education being the key is true yet the relevance of it encouraging white-coloured jobs to the neglecting of others is cancerous. Almost every artist is marginalised in the education sector and one’s creative qualities also undermined. Better still, smeared with the saying; “you will yield nothing from this craft”.

Yet, the persona stood tall in overcoming the rigorous shackles of this system and the stampede of his educational life. Through the eyes of the persona, one gets to realise how the schooling system mocks talent and its sphere!


This piece elevates the fact that positive ambitions backed with passion and dedication will surely succeed! There is no perfect timing, so, one ought to cease the time and make a dynasty out of it!

If you are able to overcome the shackles of the society, God will bless your work to succeed! So, stay positive and work with all your zeal and strengthen!


This piece embeds the synthesis; one’s dedication to succeed should be the barking voice that shuts any other comments! The persona elevates the ideology that going forward is tougher but the right focus will sail you through! No matter how often you fall, backing down should never be an option.

Allusions and Classic pun; Conceit metaphors and other stylistic techniques elevate the notion, “your case will surely close if you win over defeat your follies!”


This features four artists, throwing more light on their craftsmanship. This piece emphasizes on the definition one gives to his or her artistry.

How you see yourself is how you are labelled and how you brand yourself determines the number of fingers that are pointed at you.”

The poets elevate their own view on how his artistry can be identified. This piece is spiced with quality!


This is the sixth and the pivoting piece of the album that all other thematic concerns of the album revolve. The persona glorifies his benefactor for mandating him with such talent. It elevates the fact that in all our doings, know that God should be the source! This is the pivoting poem of the album.

The persona acknowledges God to be the pioneer of his artistry; his going forward and the successes to come will be by His own accord!


This is the seventh piece of the album. This raises the notion that all oral artistry or art is under one umbrella. This is woven by series of thought provoking premises emphasized with God being the owner of this umbrella.

A metaphysical play of wits and wonderful use of literary techniques should be what you ought to expect.


Through an entertaining use of words, this elaborates and seeks to arouse the need for one to aim in making a positive permanent mark in the world’s mind.

As only greater works fit for remembrance, the persona urges that in whatever we are doing, we should study to bring out the best so that we can be always remembered. “Study shew thy self approved”

You can only be immortalised if you leave a greater legacy worthy of celebration.


This is the ninth poem of the album and it gongs for all poets to come together as one fraternity. The need for togetherness and oneness as POETS is a paramount objective of this piece. The persona edges, not to just come together but revive their literary quality, literally!

He, the persona emphasizes on the fact that though this is a call, poets should overlook the notion of a call through the play of mystic drums, wailing pianos and phone calls. Rather, a call towards mental awareness to rise and to dominate! This can be done when we come together!


This is the tenth poem and the end of the core thematic concerns of the album, Sailing Ship. This piece emphasizes on communism in any organisation, the best way to succeed.

This subject matter is expanded through the Allegory of The Lone Captain. A unique use of literary techniques and classical use of pun is employed. It consists of symphonic and rhythmic words. Sailing a lone is show of strength but sailing together with the right people is less suffocating and time consuming.


This piece is the conclusive chapter of this album. It a practical piece for the thesis, the subject matter of the album. The persona uses extended metaphor or the conceit metaphor to relate him, himself to poetry like a thread through the needle, pun.

Carefully crafted, the persona uses the dominant device, pun. This piece seeks to create the awareness; pun has a great literary quality! In a nutshell, whatever you enjoy doing, do it well!


ALL rights and every authority reserved to Adom de Spoken Poet, Emmanuel Adom-Essien. The author and publisher of this album is the owner. This album is a well researched collection. All comments are reserved to personal criticism and he holds no account to your personal interpretations. This is a creative work and has undergone time test and technical finesse. This is his educated point of view and analytical work. This album features other artists and their contents are subjective.


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