October 2, 2023
HTTPS is invalid by Google Search Console

When Google introduced a new Search Console report for HTTPS, there was a lot of commotion surrounding a particular mistake a few days ago. “HTTPS is incorrect and may prevent it from being indexed,” said the error message. This is evident in the URL inspection tool that was updated to reflect this.

When website owners desire to index their URLs and receive such feedback from their search console, according to John Miller who clarified the situation on Twitter, it might be really frightening. He insisted that the warnings are only for your information and do not actually cause mistakes in Google Search.

Getting such feedback does not mean your URL will not be indexed. However, it connotes that Google has never seen such URL but has seen it but hasn’t crawled yet.

Confusion over this precise problem has been discussed in innumerable tweets and discussions.

John Mueller of Google has made it clear that there is no cause for concern in his comments to some of these concerns. He said in a tweet that HTTPS wouldn’t interfere with a page’s ability to be indexed.

As he continued: “Regardless of the possibility that it would prohibit it from being indexed as HTTPS, we would still index it as HTTP. In other words, we don’t index all of the pages on websites, HTTPS or not.”


John said things will be changed to reduce the anxiety of website owners.


And so I hope from now you will not be so much worried when you see such notification from your Search Console.