Ban on public gatherings extended for the next two weeks

President Akufo-Addo has extended the ban placed on public gatherings for the next two weeks.

According to him, this are part of cmeasyres put in the in place to contain and halt the spread of the virus.

The president made this new development known in his 8th address to the nation.

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Source: Nana Kwame/


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  1. I think our president did well but I want to ask Mr president. Iss pressure from this market women made him lift this band or what. Because how can figures going up yet you lift band.
    I think is not the best. And if is because of political activities then is not fair. Bcos you can’t think about politics and people will be moving spreading virus. So Pls after people take salary Pls lock down again the whole nation. Figures are really alarming.

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