BREAKING: 4 siblings burnt to DEATH at Amasaman


A very sad news emerging this morning indicates that four siblings have been burnt to death at Fise, Amasaman in the Ga West Municipal district in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

The unfortunate incident happened yesterday evening after the mother of five left the four siblings to go for an all night service. She left with the newly born baby on her back. The eldest among is 16-year-old.

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How it started

According to an eyewitness account on Okay FM October 28, who is also a tenant indicated that he heard the children screaming in the room when the fire started.

He came out to see what was happening and heard the continuous screaming in the room. So he rushed to open the door but it was locked only to realize that the mother had locked them up and left to the all night service with the keys.

The door which is burglarproof could not be opened so the tenants in the house had to call the mother to bring the keys for the door to be opened.

The mother came at the time the four siblings have been burnt to death and collapsed on the spot.

Source: Nana Kwame/ 

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