October 2, 2023

News anchor for Metro TV, Bridget Otoo, has revealed Kofi Kinaata’s manager offered to pay her for a service she did not render.

She noted that the artiste’s manager wanted to pay her for wasting her time after initially booking her for a program which he failed to fulfill his part of the deal.

Bridget Otoo was booked to play a part in the “Made In Tadi” concert after another person contacted to do the job was not responding. Later on when the person responded, Bridget Otoo received an offer to be paid for wasting her time even though she decided not to charge for the program due to her love for Kinaata.

She made the revelation in a series of tweets.

@KinaataGh Manager called me about Made in Tadi corporate Gig @+233 short notice but I agreed and told him I wasn’t going to even charge him *Cos I love Kinataa and he’s also my home boy* He made me aware that he had spoken to some other presenter but wasn’t sure…

Long story short, I didn’t hear from him until the day of the event; In my mind it’s cancelled cos I had no briefing since we first spoke. @KinaataGh manager called me on the day of the event to apologize that he had confirmation from his other presenter. Then the surprise…

He offered to pay me for wasting my time … huh? In this Ghana? That someone wouldn’t use your services, apologize & give you money? Obviously I declined the gesture and told him to donate it to charity. @KinaataGh you have a fantastic team working with you.

I’m proud of Quansah, I believe they treat the people they work with well. To Nana Kwesi Coomson (PRO), Quansah (Manager) and all the guys working with @KinaataGh Thank you. Indeed the best does come from the west! Including service… #MadeInTaadi#XmasInSekTadi

We had a terrific time at #MadeInTaadi A big thank you to the two ladies who helped us at the event (can’t remember names .. sorry) one works with empire. So grateful!”