Chicago: Moment Police Shoot 13-year-old Unarmed Black Boy In The Back

Video footage has captured the moment Chicago Police shot a 13-year-old teen in the back while his hands were up. His family has filed a lawsuit for the poor conduct of police officials.

The teen identified as A.G was seen running to a gas station parking lot while police officers pursued him. The incident which occurred on May 18 around 10:30pm has amazed a lot of people.

After turning to face the officers, the young boy raised his hands. He was shot afterwards by an officer in a captured CCTV footage.

The incident is under investigation by the FBI according to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office and the Civilian Office of Police Accountability.

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A.G was carried to a different location after he was shot. However, a different police vehicle came crashing at the scene and attention was diverted from A.G who was hurt and had to be helped to the police vehicle that had been involved in a mere accident.

A.G’s hot chase came after the teen fled after the police tried to stop a vehicle he was a passenger in.

Police say the car was a silver Honda Accord which was allegedly involved in carjacking the day prior to the shooting.

A.G has not been charged with any crime and no weapon was found on him. He followed instructions by the officers before he was shot. Despite the young boy surviving, he has been injured for life. 

The lawyer representing the family Andrew M. Stroth has said it is an exceptional case. 

His question for the mayor is that how many black kids or any other color apart from white ilk be shot and injured or killed before a reasonable law will be passed for the right of everyone to be respected and held high esteemed. 

Stroth has said he together with A.G’s mother will pursue the case until the same shooting incident involving kids comes to an end. 

The shooting has caused a serious health problem to A.G. He has an injury to his spinal and esophagus, a bullet is still stuck at his back. He cannot make good use of his legs. 

Emotional Cierra Corbitt who is the mother of A.G said the police had no right to shoot her son. This according to the mom is because little A.G complied to the officers demand and so the best action for the Police to do was to grab A.G.

The teen is at the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab receiving treatment. 

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown did not confirm if the hands of the boy were in the air before he was shot. But rather, he noted the officer discharged his weapon and shot the boy once.