Coronavirus: Mahama would have given free electricity to Ghanaians

Director of communications for the Opposition National Democratic Congress, Sammy Gyamfi, has said the NDC government would have lessen the burden of Ghanaians if they had retained them in power.

The President in his last address to the nation, announced measures put in place to halt further spread of the virus. The president said his administration is going to take care of the water bills of Ghanaians for the next 3 months hence, there should be constant flow of water.

After his announcement, a section of the public lauded the president for taking the burden for promising to pay their water bills for the next three months. Others were also of the view that the president could have done better by taken care of electricity bills as well.

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And this according to them is because most Ghanaians are at home due to the lockdown and as such will find it very difficult to pay for their light bills since they do not have any source of income while they remain in their houses.

Coronavirus: Mahama to have given free electricity to Ghanaians

Adding his voice to the ongoing debate on Ghone TV, Sammy Gyamfi indicated that Ghanaians would have been enjoying free electricity in these hard times if they had given President John Dramani Mahama the green light to continue his good works.

“Nana let me, first of all, reiterate the recommendation for free electricity to be provided for Ghanaians because that for the NDC especially HE John Dramani Mahama is non-negotiable. I can tell you unequivocally that If President John Dramani Mahama was President of the Republic of Ghana would have been enjoying free electricity by now,” he said.

He stressed “It should have been a given, there should not be any contestation about it. People are living in the house they are consuming more electricity yet they are not working so how do you expect them to pay for electricity? These are not normal times.

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