Coronavirus: Second Vice President of Burkina Faso dies after contracting Covid-19

The second vice president of Burkina Faso has died of Coronavirus reports suggest. This was revealed by authorities, on Wednesday 18th March, 2020.

The deadly disease is taking it toll on human lives and it has become worrying how some prominent men and women in our societies are going to their early grave because of coronavirus.

Second Vice President of Burkina Faso dies after contracting Covid-19.

Authorities say that the patient was a diabetic woman aged 62 years. Some reports on social media say it is a top lawmaker, Ms Rose Marie Campore, who was the first-vice president of the parliament.

“This tragic event calls us all to recognize the scale and seriousness of the problem which confronts us all,” said Martial Ouedrago, Burkina Faso’s COVID-19 response Coordinator.

The West African country says the cases are concentrated in the capital Ouagadougou with Bobo-Dioulasso, the country’s second largest city, recording its first case recently.

COVID-19 is a deadly that was discovered some few months ago and it has claimed the lives of more than 8,000. There is no medication that can cure the disease at the moment but countries around the globe have tasked their scientist to find a cure for the pandemic.

However, it is believed the virus cannot stay in warm places and so it is best for those infected and those not infected with the virus to take in warm substances each and every day to kill the virus. Also, after visiting public gathering it is best to wash our hands under running water with soap and also put on nose mask that can prevent the virus from easily getting into our bodies. One is advised to take along hand sanitizers to any place he or she visits and use it immediately he or she touches any object.

In Ghana for now 7 persons is believed to have contracted the virus and they are being quarantined. According to a press briefing yesterday, the Information Minister noted that government is doing everything possible to help the virus not to spread in the country and for that has put measures in place to curb the disease such as temporal suspension of public gathering such as funerals, weddings, church service, festivals, political activities and sporting events. 


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