COVID-19 Tracker: Akufo-Addo has achieved what Donald Trump, other Developed countries couldn’t – Bawumia

Vice President of the Republic, Dr. Mahamudu Bwumia, has said at the lunch of the COVID-19 tracker that the Akufo-Addo led administration has achieved greater progress in the fight than what some developed countries have achieved.

According to him, aggressive testing by the Akufo-Addo government has made it possible to discover the increased number of persons infected with the virus. This, he believes is not practiced by many developed countries making the number of coronavirus patients increased day in, day out.

“If we had not employ the technique of tracing persons who have had contact with infected persons, the country would have imagined it is fighting the deadly pandemic in the right direction but we would have lost the fight from the start.

He said the virus has exposed the weakness in the health service of advance countries.

Also, he is of the greatest conviction that the launch of the COVID-19 Tracker will provide useful information from Ghanaians that can help track those having Covid-19 related symptoms.

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“We are chasing the virus and not waiting for people to get so we count them as patients, we are getting ahead of the virus even though we are a small country and a developing one, we are doing better in terms of dealing with the virus than USA, South Africa, and other nations. If you use per capita situation of all these countries, Ghana has done better with the contact tracing and testing than them.”

“If we had not done contact tracing we would not have gotten a huge number, many people will be with the virus without our knowledge so the COVID-19 tracker has come at a better time. It will help us easily track people with the virus, those who have had contact with others. It is also useful in quarantine reliability if certain individuals need self-quarantine.”

“Ghana is one of the few countries to deploy such a tracker to haunt the virus. I will encourage many Ghanaians as possible to access the tracker and produce some basic information for the health authorities but the best measure to avoid contracting the disease is staying home and observing all safety measures.”

What the GH COVID-19 Tracker app?

The COVID-19 Tracker App, through the common platform of mobile networks, is able to trace contacts of persons infected by the virus, show where they have been in recent time, through various telephone related data, and link such people to health professionals for urgent action to be taken.

The app, through same telephone related data, is also able to report contacts which are, or have recently been to COVID-19 hit countries, as well as track whether individuals required to self-quarantine, are indeed doing so.

Source: Nana Kwame/

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