Dark mode on Android and how to get it 

What have you heard about dark mode? Are you eager to use the feature on your phone? Why are so many people interested in the Dark mode feature more than any feature on their smartphones? This and many more questions are what people want to know about the specialty of the Dark mode taking over many important features and applications on our smartphones.

But one thing which has made it more interesting to get the Dark mode theme on one’s phone is it uniqueness and we are yet to talk about the benefit and how to get the Dark mode running on your device.

Benefits of Dark mode

HEALTH; the dark mode can be used at dark places and it is of great benefit to individuals who are sensitive to light. It reduces eye strain in low light conditions. We spend of our time on our devices either to chat with friends, sell our items or studies. The dark mode free our eyes from pains caused by high brightness from devices and also help to focus our attention on what we are using the device for at that particular time. Health professionals have cautioned against exposure to light more of the time, it put pressure on the eye and has the high tendency of causing digital eye strain as a result of the exposure to light from devices such as Laptops and mobile gadgets. And for this reason, it is best to have the dark mode theme on your device to safeguard our eyes from too much exposure to lights from your smartphone, laptops or tablets.


Safe Battery; the dark mode theme on your device will help conserve your phone’s battery from draining and it will help prevent some smartphones from overheating.  Some smartphones have high consumption power and in most cases lead to the phone overheating causing the battery life of such devices to go down. Google has however confirmed that using dark mode on OLED screens has been a huge help for battery life. So for example if your smart device in your palm with battery percentage of 60% can last for 2 hours, the battery life of such devices can now improve with the dark mode making it to last for more than 2 hours by saving screen energy. While OLED users which are mainly Android users have such great news of having the dark mode on their devices, Apple developers have also promised to introduce the dark mode on all  LCD screens by 2020 and all future generation devices with OLED screens.


FREE FROM PHONE SNATCHERS; some phone addicts will always pull out their devices at any point time they feel they have to go through their devices to check messages from friends on whatsApp, make a call or pick a call, play video games without taken their surroundings into consideration . This has given phone snatchers the opportunity to bully persons with such attitude and take their smart devices from them. There is now good news for persons who are always on their smart devices with no regard of their surroundings they find themselves in as the dark mode theme dims smart phone lights. Dark mode limits the brightness of devices which can make it very difficult to identify users on devices because of the dim light.


Dark mode theme has been made available to android smartphone users with the introduction of the new version of Android 10 by Google in September, 2019. And this new update by Google was first introduced on the beta version. After it launch, a list of android devices are having it and others are yet to receive the android 10 version by their developers while it will take time for other mobile brands to roll the new version of android on their platforms for users to be able to access it. The Dark mode theme can only be found on android devices having android 10 which is the new android version.


Lists of mobile brands with android 10 and dark mode theme include;

There are so many Android phones that have the new Android Q updates but I will talk about only three;

Samsung; Samsung has not be up to the task when it comes to updates and it can be attributed to the many products the brand will manufacture with one device name. for instance Samsung has a different versions of Samsung Galaxy S6 brand alone and this has not been good in their updates. However there are some of it brands that android 10 can be updated on. Check below;

Samsung Galaxy S10 – from 28 November 2019 (Germany), January 2020 (UK), December 2019 (Canada)

Samsung Galaxy S10+ – January 2020 (UK), December 2019 (Canada)

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G – from 28 November 2019 (Germany), January 2020 (UK)

Samsung Galaxy S10e – from 28 November 2019 (Germany), January 2020 (UK), December 2019 (Canada)

Galaxy Note 10 – January 2020 (UK), from 16 December 2019 (Germany)

Galaxy Note 10+ – January 2020 (UK), from 16 December 2019 (Germany)

Galaxy Note 10+ 5G – January 2020 (UK), from 16 December 2019 (Germany)

Galaxy Fold – April 2020

Galaxy S9 – February 2020 (UK)

Galaxy S9+ – February 2020 (UK)

Galaxy Note 9 – from January 2020

Galaxy A80 – March 2020 (UK)

Galaxy A6 – April 2020 (UK)

Galaxy A7 (2018) – April 2020 (UK)

Galaxy A9 (2018) – May 2020

Galaxy A40 – from 8 January 2020

Galaxy A70, A70s – April 2020 (UK)

Galaxy A80 – April 2020

Galaxy A90 5G – April 2020 (UK)

Galaxy Fold – April 2020 (UK)

Galaxy Tab S6 – April 2020 (UK)

Galaxy A10, A10s – May 2020 (UK)

Galaxy A20 – May 2020 (UK)

Galaxy A30 – March 2020

Galaxy A30s – May 2020

Galaxy A50, A50s – April 2020

Galaxy M10 – May 2020

Galaxy M30s – May 2020

Galaxy M40 – March 2020

Galaxy Xcover4s – May 2020 (UK)

Galaxy A6 – May 2020 (UK)

Galaxy J6 – July 2020

Galaxy J6+ – July 2020 (UK)

Galaxy J7 Duo – July 2020

Galaxy Tab S4 – July 2020 (UK)

Galaxy Tab S5e – July 2020 (UK)

Galaxy Tab A 8 (2019) – August 2020 (UK)

Galaxy Tab A 10.5 – September 2020 (UK)

Galaxy Tab A 10.1 – September 2020 (UK)

Nokia: Nokia has been one of the brands that everyone will love to use because it is the first if my guess is right to release any new updates to it users. Nokia has indicated that it will release the new update to all of it phones so users should be in relax  for the new version of Android. Check below for the updates on some of it phones;

Nokia 8.1 – from 10 October 2019

Nokia 9 PureView – Q4 2019

Nokia 7.1 – from 10 December 2019

Nokia 7 Plus – from 7 January 2019

Nokia 6.1 – 8 January 2020

Nokia 6.1 Plus – from 6 January 2020

Nokia 4.2 – early Q1 2020

Nokia 3.2 – early Q1 2020

Nokia 3.1 – Plus early Q1 2020

Nokia 2.2 – early Q1 2020

Nokia 8 Sirocco – late Q1 2020

Nokia 5.1 Plus – late Q1 2020

Nokia 1 Plus – late Q1 2020

Nokia 1 – mid Q2 2020

Nokia 5.1 – mid Q2 2020

Nokia 3.1 – mid Q2 2020

Nokia 2.1 – mid Q2 2020


Infinix: The Infinix brand has not been good in the release of updates as most of it phones does not have the latest versions of Android. However with release of it newest phones such as the Infinix Hot 8 and infinix Hot s4 there has been some hopes of getting the new Android Q because the we have ssen some changes where users of the the two release had the opportunity to update their Android versions to the new Android 9 version. We wait to see if there will be any updates on when users are to expect the new Android Q on their infinix phone so as to get the Dark mode theme.

However, the dark mode theme can be used on android smart devices which do not have android 10 versions Google introduced some few months ago. All one need to do is to go to Google Play store and type “Dark Mode” and a chunk of dark mode applications will pop up. Select one and upload it.

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