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Easy steps on how to save phone’s contacts to Google manually and through backup 

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Many Android users save their phone’s contacts on sim cards and it sometimes becomes very difficult to retrieve those contacts when the phone gets missing with the sim card.

Things become difficult when you lose your contacts which in most cases destroys opportunities, collapses businesses and even brings a halt to mutual relationships.

Information can be stored in our heads, but it can be very difficult to keep all your contacts in your and be able to save those contacts when a new device is acquired. Why don’t you allow Google to do the magic for you.

The easiest way to save your contacts on different devices and never lose them is to save those contacts on Google and it can be done either manually or through backup which we shall discuss in subsequent paragraphs.

How to save phone’s contacts manually:

You can save your phone’s contacts manually by following this simple steps;

  • Click on your call icon on your Android device
  • Type your new number you want to save to Google and click on create new contacts

  • Tap on the option telling you to save on the sim card

  • Many options will be made available including save to Google.

  • Click on it to save your contacts to Google

How to backup your Android contacts to a Google account

  • Click on settings
  • Tap on “System” which you’ll find “backup”

  • Tap on the “backup” to Google to save all your contacts on your phone to Google.

In doing so, you have saved yourself from the hustle of searching through your books to find important contacts you have lost through unfortunate circumstances.

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