HUAWEI nova 8i smartphone, HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i active noise-canceling (ANC) earbuds and HUAWEI Band 6 fitness tracker are the three products which are currently giving users value for money

I know you are either using an Android device or an Apple product and nothing will push you to change your device. As a young adult you would be having thoughts about several things including how best you can invest your capital wisely. Investing your capital means how best you can put your resources into good use in every aspect of your life. This ranges from home appliances, clothing, looks and what you can think of. Investing your capital at the right place can be very tedious. In the tech space as well it is very hectic to identify quality devices to invest your capital. How sure are you to get value for youroney.

HUAWEI nova 8i smartphone, HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i active noise-canceling (ANC) earbuds and HUAWEI Band 6 fitness tracker are the three products which are currently giving users value for money. It has long battery life, stylish looks and provides the best experience. When the three are used together, it makes your online life easier, faster and smooth.

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One good aspect of Huawei nova 8i is that it can last the whole day because of the high battery capacity of the device. In our world today we have a lot of schedules to complete in a day and to have a device which has a low battery capacity can be boring.

Huawei nova 8i has a 64 MP Quad camera setup, built-in 4300 mAh that can carry you throughout the day and with its long battery life it can make your day exciting. You will not be forced to charge your phone at any point in time which means you can use the device throughout the day to surf the internet, play games either online or offline etc.

With its 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge, you can have a little chat with your colleagues and by the time you return, you’re good to use your device. This is because the feature charges the phone up to 68% within 20 minutes.

Not forgetting HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i as well. It can play music for up to 10hrs. Online and individual reviews seem to support this assertion as a lot of people are heaping praise on HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i for its long battery life. The earbuds can be effectively used for online class discussion, studies at the library, interviews etc.

HUAWEI Band 6 is a device you will not regret not buying if the features are explained to you. It can last for two weeks. Also, the HUAWEI industry gave it a spec for you to top up another two days after putting it on charge for five minutes by using the magnetic charger. Its design suits everyone as it’s long-lasting, durable, reliable and everyone should have one. The device is a fitness tracker and it gives you an accurate report when you go out to exercise your body, for example jogging or any other activity.

I believe I’m trying to wet your appetite. What makes this trio unique are the intelligent cross-device interconnectivity that makes the device work in unity by Huawei’s software. This is because the trio is made by the same brand HUAWEI. Having a smartphone which allows you to connect your earbud to have quality sounds in your ear and health and fitness features at your wrist. And with the earbuds it makes you feel ANC audio in your ears. 

So in the morning when you wake up and you leave the house for a 30 minute jog. You put on your wristwatch and the HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i. Connecting your phone to the earbuds you can enjoy quality tracks on your ears with the ANC audio while you are on your jogging. 

The Band 6 detects you have started your exercise, monitors your health and fitness metrics and gives real-time updates on your fitness level. You can check the Health application installed on your Huawei smartphone and you will see a full breakdown of your performance. 

Throughout the day, the Band 6 interacts with the nova 8i to give the user the best of experience. This enables you to view incoming calls, weather updates, control music and so much more. 

The sleek nature of HUAWEI nova 8i smartphone, HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i active noise-canceling (ANC) earbuds and HUAWEI Band 6fitness tracker makes it more appealing to have yours.  

It comes in different colors that suit the taste of users. HUAWEI Band 6 for instance comes in four different colors which are also dirt resistant. It comes in Graphite Black, Forest Green, Amber Sunrise and Sakura Pink colors. Also, the earbuds come in Red, Ceramic White and Carbon Black colors. 

Huawei nova 8i has soothing colors which range from Moonlight Silver, Interstellar Blue and Starry Black. 

These are a few tips on the benefits of enjoying the trio together and having these devices in hand can give you the best of experience on the go.