Facebook Marketplace: How to sell and buy on the digital platform 

Facebook which Mark Zuckerberg owns is one of the biggest social media platforms in our modern Word today. According to datareportal, Facebook had 2.910 billion monthly active users in October 2021 and Facebook Marketplace has is the best place to be. This gives a clear view that the online application is one of the biggest social media platforms where most people visit to either communicate with family and friends, transact business or meet new friends and establish contact as well. Facebook is the only social media application that reaches more than half of all social media users across the globe.

Also, to buy and sell in our technology world today has become an online thing. This is not to say the old fashion of selling products is not active and good. However, the busy schedules of people put them in a tight corner to join long queues to buy their personal stuff. One can have the world’s boutique in his or her room and this has all been possible through the Facebook Marketplace. Unlike some time past where if one wants to buy a product for use, the person has to join long traffic and queues to be able to get that item, Facebook Marketplace has made it simple to sit on your room or office and order for all things you need and it will be delivered to you at your doorstep. Thanks to Facebook and Meta for introducing Facebook Marketplace. 

At the moment you can sit in the comfort of your home and place your order on any product on the Facebook Marketplace especially during the festive season and you will be sorted out. If not for this space, you would have joined long queues and long traffic to purchase such stuff. One thing to know also is that the fact that you can sell on Facebook Marketplace does not give you the right to sell anything you want to on the digital space. Indeed there are some restrictions on the products that can be sold on Facebook Marketplace. 

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In this writeup, I am going to enlighten you on how to sell and buy on Facebook Marketplace. Currently, there are some countries that do not support Facebook Marketplace therefore you should find out first if your country is supported. 

How to sell on Facebook Marketplace:

Facebook can be accessed on Tablet, desktop and mobile phone. However, I am going to take you through how to sell and buy on Facebook Marketplace using your desktop or mobile device. 

How to sell on Facebook Marketplace using desktop:

  • Open Facebook on your desktop and log in with your details thus username and password
  • Choose the create new listing to begin the process
  • Select an item amongst the many listed items for sale from the list types (Vehicles, phones, properties for sale or rent, jobs) 
  • Click on the add photos to upload a preferred photo linked to the product for sale 
  • Give a little description about the item you want to sell. For instance if the item to sell is a phone, the battery strength, internal and external memory of the device, how long you have used the product are all important information you should provide. 
  • Next option is to enter the price of the product 
  • Provide the method of delivery (if applicable) 
  • Click on publish to post the item

How to sell on Facebook Marketplace on mobile phone:

  • Open the Facebook application on your phone. Log into your account if you have not yet done that. In most cases the application gives you fan option to either save your password on the device so you do not go through stress to always be logging in
  • Click on the three(3) lines at the upper right side of your screen
  • Select the Marketplace from the available options 
  • Tap on sell in the left corner of your screen
  • Choose item for sale from the listing types (vehicles, properties for sale or rent, jobs) 
  • Click on add photos option to upload the product’s pictures for potential buyers to easily the identify it
  • Tap on the title option to input the name of the product 
  • Click on the price option and input the price suitable for your product 
  • Select the category your product falls under. For example if it’s clothing and accessories, you should let your buyers know of its jewelry and accessories, bags and luggage, men’s clothing and shoes or women’s clothing and shoes 
  • Tap on the condition menu for your potential buyers to know the condition of the product they are about to buy. So you click on the condition option to select of your product is New, used-like new, used-good or used-fair
  • Give a little description about the item you want to sell
  • Choose the method of delivery (of applicable) 
  • Click on publish 

How to buy on Facebook Marketplace:

  • Open the Facebook app on either your phone or desktop and log into your account with your credentials thus your username/ email/ phone number and password (if applicable) 
  • Search for Facebook Marketplace as you have thought in previous writeup 
  • Click on the icon and browse through the available items for sale 
  • Go through the available items and filter to see your preferred product you wish to buy
  • You can go through the images attached to the item of your choice to be sure you are on the right track 
  • If you are interested, you can send a message to request the availability of the item and other important information concerning the item from the seller
  • Find a suitable way to get in touch with the seller. Note that Facebook does not facilitate any payment or delivery between the buyer and seller 

In conclusion, Facebook Marketplace has come to help entrepreneurs and businesses to gain more access to potential buyers and clients. This has helped to reach a large heterogeneous audience which could have been difficult during the time where the internet was not very common and Facebook Marketplace was not available. Sales will definitely go up when large people get connected to your products. Facebook has also made it a free platform in uploading your item on the Marketplace and this has helped a lot of businesses to grow. 

One important thing you should note is that Facebook does not facilitate any payment or delivery between the buyer and seller and as such you should be careful of scammers when dealing on the digital space. You should arrange to meet at a safe place so you are scammed and robbed of your item or money.