Fed up with unwanted emails: This is how to automatically delete them in Gmail

Unwanted emails in your inbox can stress you a lot because it could make you lose focus on most important mails which might have given you an opportunity for you to strike a deal or view important information. Gmail is the most popular and widely used email service in the world. There are a lot of reasons people use Gmail service. Some use it for work, others use it for personal stuff and educational purposes. Your ibox can be flooded with spam messages and unwanted files which in many cases are so annoying. Gmail has a way of clearing spam messages and you can delete files be it large or small taking more space on your device. Deleting thousands of mails in your account can be tiring.

You might end up deleting important files in your email inbox if you try to delete a host of messages at ago. However, there is a way to mass delete unwanted emails especially if they are from a specific sender. This is usually a relief right, especially if this is a sender whose emails you do not want in your inbox. This feature I am about to enlighten you on will delete all future emails automatically.

Steps to follow;

Open your account on your desktop computer, laptop, Android or apple device

Click on the on the “show search options” icon next to the search bar

Type the sender’s name in the “From” box

Your next option is to create filter and select the filter “delete it”

Select filter again

After following these steps, you are good to go because all future emails from this particular filter will be automatically deleted and for that matter, you can prevent unwanted emails from getting to your mailbox. Also, you are not limited to one sender. This means when you are adding the source you do not like to receive future emails; you can add more senders’ names. There are filters such as archive, mark as read, star, forward and mark as important. Once chosen, Gmail will deliver on the mandate given it from those senders. This means when you choose any of the filters, Gmail will act accordingly