Fellow Ghanaians; Akufo-Addo addresses the nation tonight on the Voter Registration Exercise (SEE time)

President Akufo-Addo will address the nation tonight at exactly 8pm on the new voter’s register to be compiled by the Electoral Commission of Ghana from tomorrow 30th June, 2020 to August.

The address is believed to also throw more light on the presence of some military offocers in some parts of the country’s border towns.

The compilation of the register has become necessary due to certain factors. According to the EC, there are deeper issues which calls for a new register to be compiled. According to the EC, the Biometric Verification Devices is out of date and producers of the equipment are no longer in operation and so in any case some parts are missing, there will be no replacement and the rate at which the BVD machines will fail to perform well is higher so it is good we change the BVD machines all together.

The last time the Electoral Commission procured a new Biometric Verification Devices was in 2013 which means the machines are very old. The parts are not even available so when it starts  functioning in an abnormal way, the EC will not be able to replace them because the parts are not available. Also, the performance of the equipment has gone down such as the fingerprint scanner is beginning to diminish. 

Also, the compilation of a new register will afford the Electoral Commission the opportunity to clear ghost names. Some individuals have passed on and for that their names have to be taken off from the register. The exercise will also help remove NHIS card holders from the register. Also, the EC sought nkt to include the current voters ID cards as among document required to register

A section of the public who opposed the move by the EC to compile a new register took the matter to the Supreme Court for redress.

According to the opposers of the new register, it is time wasting to compile a new register in an election as they are of the greatest conviction that the current register is in good condition and can be used. Also, they argued that even if the EC wants to compile a new register, those with the current voter ID card should be allowed to register.

However, the Supreme Court ruled out the suit challenging the Electoral Commission’s mandate to exclude the use of Voters ID cards for the compilation of a new register.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) and a Ghanaian citizen Mark Takyi Banson is challenging the Electoral Commission (EC)’s decision to exclude the existing voters ID card as a valid prove of identity for the registration of a new voters register.

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The Highest Court of the land giving it verdict on Thursday 25th June, 2020, said it is constitutional for the EC to exclude the Voters ID cards in the exercise which is yet to be conducted.

The apex court granted only two reliefs sought by the NDC which had nothing to do with the inclusion of the use of an existing voter ID card as source documents and dismissed all the other reliefs.

Tonight, President Akufo-Addo will address Ghanaians on the new voter’s register and other questions surrounding the compilation of the voter registration exercise which will start tomorrow.

Source: Nana Kwame/

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