October 2, 2023
Chip Wilson. Protect the environment

Founder of Lululemon Chip Wilson and his wife has pledged $100 million Canadian dollars equivalent to 75.8 million US dollars to help protect the environment. The founder of the multinational athletic apparel retailer headquartered in British Columbia is the current billionaire to generously gift such huge amount to save the planet and make life bearable for all.

In order to transform enormous expanses of land into sites that communities can exploit for lucrative enterprises like tourism, The Parks Foundation in British Columbia will use the funding to purchase wilderness space.

An atmosphere where people can live longer, healthier lives and enjoy themselves is the family’s ideal, he stated in a recent interview. Oneness and peaceful cooperation will be encouraged in such an environment.

The founder of Lululemon being optimistic about a healthy and happy environment for all believes other corporations and individuals will follow suit and contribute to a sustainable environment.

The theme of the week for which in a way is to solicit for finding to protect the environment is ‘give it away, give it away now’.

This week, Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard made a contribution to the fight against climate change by giving his $3 billion company to the Holdfast Collective, an environmental non-profit.

Patagonia will keep operating for profit even after that, but every year, all of their profits will be given to the Holdfast Collective to aid in the fight against global warming.