Guidelines for tomorrow’s Fasting and Prayers out (Details)

Guidelines for tomorrow’s Fasting and Prayers is out and it is necessary for everyone to take part in the activity.

President Akufo-Addo has called on Ghanaians to fast and pray on Wednesday 25th March, 2020 to seek the face of God in these hard times where there is no hope from anywhere in fighting the global pandemic Coronavirus.

Ghana has recorded new cases of coronavirus victims who are being quarantined and receiving treatment from health professionals.

President Akufo-Addo

It was announced today by the Health Minister Kwaku Agyemang that the virus will number of infected persons have increased from 27 to 52.

This he said “Out of the 185 test results received, we have 25 of those quarantined tested positive. If you add on to the earlier number of 27, it means we have 52 tested positive in our country at the moment.

“Those in quarantine, we have actually deployed psychologists to have chats with them. We are also in the process of handing them over to our case management teams we have set up. We have started taking them to isolated centres for case management”.

It has become very necessary to seek the face of God in our fight against Coronavirus since our human knowledge will not be enough fight and conquer this deadly disease but we believe in the power of the Almighty God to protect our nation and save us from this pandemic.

President Akufo-Addo posted the prayer points Christians and Muslims will pray on tomorrow on his Twitter handle.

Check details below;

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