December 10, 2023
Discover Your Authentic Self

Please read to the end. I have a book recommendation for you. It will help you to uncover your authentic self within a short time.

“To be totally free on needs to be totally aware because our bondage is rooted in our unconsciousness; it does not come from the outside. Nobody can make you unfree, you can be destroyed but your freedom cannot be taken away unless you can be you give it away. In the ultimate analysis, it is always your desire to be unfree that make you unfree. It is your desire to be dependent, your desire to drop the responsibility of being; that makes you unfree”.


Do you have a mind that won’t stop worrying? Do you get angry at yourself all the time? Do you feel like you depend too much on other people’s approval? A lack of an authentic self can manifest itself in many ways. For some, it’s an inability to make decisions or a tendency to keep changing their minds. For others, it’s a feeling of helplessness. And still, others can find it in an unshakeable sadness or depression. Do not take things personally; you can still get your freedom from that automatic pattern in your life with the help of this article.

Freedom from invisible strings that hold you back from being your authentic self begins with the realization that you play a part in your own imprisonment. They self-pit, false identifications and attachments that you use to determine the validity of your being such as I am a good guy/girl, everyone likes me, I am obedient, I am special, I am a good wife/husband, I will never do bad things, poor me I just can’t do that, I must be rich to be happy all these are nothing but sources of obsession and inner suffering, so you have to do away with who you are not so that you can become who you real are, remember that God gives righteousness and stop all the self-reporting goodness.

As human beings, we are conditioned by society, individuals, and the media to follow some idealized rules of life so that we can become better in the future. These rules have created false beliefs and illusions that make us stuck in life. Such beliefs have also created some unnecessary fears in us: fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, fear of judgment, fear of disapproval, and worst of all emotional instability. You need to break all the false beliefs and illusions that you learnt from all these sources.

Misconceptions of being your authentic self, many people say that you have to dress very well, you don’t to have care about what others say or think, believe in yourself, or fake your self-confidence while this advice may serve you in the short term the make you feel superior to others and that is the worst thing this world can ever tolerate. Imagine a world where nobody cares about what another person thinks or says. It will be a danger zone for all of us. Another truth is if your self-confidence is dependent on the nice dresses you wear it will only last as long as those dresses last. So you have to keep on buying new clothes all the time but is that your priority in life?   

In my opinion, we must earn confidence the hard way. It is time to dig deep within your soul and discover the treasure of your authentic self. If you don’t have the courage to confront all your fears, and misgivings and realize your full potential, you will live the rest of your life unfulfilled, unhappy, and depressed.

Impossible ways you try to be your authentic self, you use your willpower, Trying to psychic it out, safe behaviors, hiding out your true self, worrying what other people think, people pleasing, doing it the perfect way and rationalization that is why you are not getting true changes in your life, the authentic self or confidence is not something that you can pinpoint this is it. I now have it. However, it comes out spontaneously through your genuine actions; that is why you can’t be your authentic self by design.

Stop trying to figure out your authentic self-confidence out or wishful looking for it instead use these practical tools below tools.


Life is a game, that we all have to play in order to win, but you cannot win any game without understanding its’ rules. Once you learn the rules of the game, the anxiety to do extravagantly more is taken off. It is not our business to be the “fixer, rescuer, advisor “of this universe, we rather have to be peaceful inside of ourselves so that the world can be healed through it. It is difficult to change anything if you are not acting out based on your authentic self. Clarity is about letting go all the judgments, emotions, feelings, and labels and just allow things to be as the real are without interruption of thoughts. Don’t try to force things to match your expectations and beliefs. Let everything happen naturally. Look at everything as if you are meeting them for the first time, don’t name or attribute a quality to them.

Just immerse yourself into the unknown, it will pave a better way to understanding what you are required to do in every situation in your. Instead your usual automatic should, must and shouldn’t thinking this time you learn to face the reality as it is.


Using passive behaviors to get a better life is just a way to shift the suffering by blaming others for not being good to you. For you to truly be your authentic self you must take a full responsibility of your actions, the sweetness of it, the bitterness of it and all that it will bring to you or take from you. Most people in their quest to be their true self they lose their fake friends and false self of compromising their own needs in the name of politeness and it’s worth it. Passive people do not get the recognition and respect the need because they do take the responsibility that brings it.


Do you know that you have the power to bring all that you want to happen in your life. Freedom to be your authentic self has two phases: the first is “your what” freedom from a religion, organization an outmoded culture, a toxic person and so forth. The second is “your why” freedom for maybe yourself improvement, financial, growth, better relationship and many others. The latter needs a lot of efforts and commitment and in so doing you need your self-referral power that is where your true potential comes from.

Your potential is simply your creative ability and it is already within you. You don’t need to figure it, you only have to quieting your inner dialogue. As Franz Kafka, the Austrian philosopher and poet, put it, .You need not leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. You need not even listen, simply wait. You need not even wait, just learn to become quiet, and still, and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked. It has no choice; it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.

To harness your potential must take the risk of being depended on what you can truly do with your power.


Why are you here on earth? If you get an answer to this question you wouldn’t be afraid to be who you want to be. We all play diverse roles to make our world a better place, the way to make that happy is refreshingly different  in every individual, If you are held back by fears of all kinds do not  let them lead or control you rather be driven by your true  intent to make life better on this earth through quality service. .

 We all have a unique gift to serve this universe we must not get discourage be the person we were made to be. The world exists to teach us and we exist to learn, to grow, to change and to enjoy the challenge of each lesson we are given. Take this idea alone to heart and you will see a big difference in how you handle your life! The problem we face is that a million paths are stretched out before us. There is just too much to learn, so we are forced to choose, and many of us are not prepared to face this choice.

here is a little information about the book:

If you could really hear a message from your soul, what would it be telling you? Soul Coaching is a four-week program dedicated to an in-depth clearing and cleansing of the different aspects of your life: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. If not now, when? By following the practical, carefully crafted steps presented here, you’ll find that you’re able to uncover your authentic self. This book is for you if you want to know: • who you are• why you’re here• what your mission is This book is also for you if you are ready to start: • putting your needs before everyone else’s• living life at a peaceful, moderate pace• loving yourself By utilizing the energy of the elements of nature: Air, Water, Fire, and Earth, this program allows you to clear away old blockages so that you can truly begin to hear the secret messages of your soul. Soul coaching: 28 days to discover your authentic self.


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