How to build a solid brand on Twitter: Easy steps that puts you ahead

Twitter is an interesting place everyone will like to be all day looking at the excitement and controversies on the microblogging platform. The app is a free application for everyone but a number of people are there just to have fun and that’s all. It is not everyone who will utilize the Twitter app in building a brand for personal reasons or otherwise. One will ask what branding is all about. Branding is your unique style that differentiates you from other personalities. Using the Twitter application, you can create your own brand or an organizational brand.

 Branding is also the process of creating a strong, positive perception of an organization or an individual, its products or services in the customer’s mind by combining such elements as logos, design, mission statement and a consistent message throughout all marketing campaigns. In other words, making a brand of you means the ability to create a favorable image for yourself and decide what you want to be known for. For instance, amongst your peers, you are known to be someone who uses high quality footwear. 

People will always know you for what you stand for through the brand you have built. With good branding and consistent image you can increase value for yourself and create a fan base ready for the price of your service and a classical example can be that of iPhone. It has carved a name for itself as a brand that produces high quality products for customers. Their products are expensive but because of the name it has made for itself through branding, people rush for their products. 

Branding is also important for online businesses these days especially with those which do not have a physical location or store. It can take a lot of years and effort to build a solid brand on the digital space su as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Twitter has always been the favorite channel for brands to explore and build more audiences. A lot of brands such as Samsung, iPhone, KFC and what you can think of have judiciously used the Twitter app to make a name for their brands and also reach large audiences.

Below are simple steps to building a soils brand on Twitter:

  • Tweet simple things: Keep your tweets simple. Twitter is a place where we meet new people each and every day. People use the app to relieve themselves from stress and to free their mind. And also immediately when they see long tweets it becomes boring to them. You will not get the expected reactions from your audience when your tweets are always long. It has been proven scientifically that the human brain can process a whole lot of information but only the vital ones will remain and thus it is important to keep your information simple and straightforward. Do not be sarcastic or use a negative tone in your tweets. 


  • Good and accurate information: Some of the things you should consider when you are tweeting is to have good information for your publics on Twitter to consume. Sharing information which is interesting and accurate about your brand products gives you the needed push to promote your brand’s products and services to people. Also, tweet about other posts related to your brand. This gives your brand the exposure it needs since other brands will retweet your posts. Do not always be serious about your posts. You sometimes have to create humor and it all helps in brand building and reaching your audience. 


  • Your brand’s voice on Twitter should be intact: In light of being interesting, do not forget to keep your brand’s voice intact on Twitter. You can joke about certain statements or issues but do not let it take over your focus which is to make people know what your brand stands for and what your brand is on Twitter. Be careful not to say a thing and change your mouth the next day because it will push people away from your brand and will indicate that you are not what you say. You need to project your brand in a way that it is at the topmost level of your publics such that when you have a customer and for instance that customer is asleep and interrupted in the sleep, and ask about your brand, the customer will be able to state what your brand stands for and what it provides. There are a lot of brand’s that do not have their voice intact on social media. Be consistent in your tweets and be true to that. This is what you should do in getting your brand’s voice intact on Twitter: 
    • Is this relevant to my followers? This means you should have in mind that there are some tweets which are irrelevant to your brand’s voice and should be minimal
    • How does this piece of content promote your values or business ideas? You should not tweet anything that comes to mind when you have a brand which you are projecting. Tweets on things that promote the values of your brand. 
  • Respond to mentions and shares: Do not just be a robot on Twitter by ignoring mentions that involve you in people’s tweets. The best way to connect to people is to let them know you are there. And for them to know you are there, when they mention you in their tweets, respond to them. This is in a way being approachable and letting them know you’re sociable. Respond to people in a nice way and let them know your brand’s values. Be sociable on the microblogging platform and draw people to your brand because after all, there are similar brands that provide good customer service. This all forms part of brand building such that you let people know you are ready to listen to them and provide them with answers or share in their experience. Doing such will give the impression that your brand has good customer service and it will pull more customers for your brand. 
  • Know when to post on Twitter: A lot of posts are sent through the digital space each minute as it is estimated that approximately 350,000 tweets are recorded every minute. Know what to post to best reach your public. You do not need to post all the time. There are certain times your posts will not reach a quarter of your expected audience so you should know when to post. 

In all, we have discussed certain factors you need to do in order to build a solid brand on Twitter. This are very important factors that author considers necessary in building a brand for yourself or your organization and when you consider the factors listed above, you are on a path to build a solid brand which will be a force to reckon.