October 2, 2023
You may have come across the word NFT and you might be wondering what at all is it about. You might have also heard how NFT has become popular.

You may have come across the word NFT and you might be wondering what at all is it about. You might have also heard how NFT has become popular. The thought of learning how to mint an NFT may also appeal to you, but everything sounds daunting. Don’t be worried as I will take you through a couple of steps to follow to be able to mint NFT for free.

Any aasset can be converted into an NFT and it comes with mouthwatering opportunities for individuals or groups to mint their own NFT and receive huge profits from it. There are countless possibilities when it comes to minting NFTs. Products you can mint include artworks, music, sketches and so much more.

Having in-depth knowledge on how to mint NFT can be an added advantage to your profile. You may also be lucky in hitting the jackpot when there is high demand for your NFT. In this piece we’re going to learn how to mint NFT for free. But first, we need to understand some basics of NFT.

What is NFT?

NFT is a Non-fungible tokens and are created just like how cryptocurrencies are created. Because of its distinctive features, it cannot be replaced, as indicated by the term NFT.

It represents collectibles such as works of art, music, games etc. with a valid certificate from blockchain technology. Some of the blockchain platforms include Polkadot, WAX, Ethereum, Tron, Cosmos, Tezos, EOS, Flow, and Binance Smart Chain.

NFTs are created in a way analogous to making metal coins before being put into circulation. When you start minting NFT, the data is changed into digital asset that can be traded on NFT exchanges.

Cost involved in minting NFT

The cost involved in minting NFT depends on the platform you’re using. Usually, when considering the NFT minting cost, the different platforms have their own charges and that is what the person who is about to mint NFT should take into account.

You can be charged as low as 1$ to 1000$ when you want to mint NFTs. For some accounts the fees to start minting NFTs ranges between $70 to $120. Most miners are asked to pay upfront fees.

How can you mint NFT for free

Because of the increased profit margins compared to traditional trading platforms, many people are becoming interested in trading on NFTs platforms. To make more profits from any NFT marketplace, you need to invest more and for that it is quiet expensive. Another consideration has to do with the cost involved in the production and distribution of NFTs. This has prevented a lot of innovators and curators from creating their own collections.

Paying for gas taxes probably will make the cost of operating an NFT marketplace expensive. Do you want to doge paying gas taxes? Then Lazy minting is your best bet. You would ask what is Lazy minting? Lazy minting gives you the opportunity to produce NFTs without paying for gas money. NFT Minter offers you the option of selecting a gasless marketplace. Thrilling features are available in NFT minter. NFT minter is one of the most economical mining platforms you can try.

How to Mint NFTs for Free on Rarible

Follow the steps below to create NFTs on Rarible;

  • Visit Rarible.com and then tap on sign in. Add your cryptocurrency account.
  • Select create to choose from the two options (single or multiple) the one that suits you. Choose multiple if you want to create a collection.
  • Upload images and fill the form provided you to be able to mint NFTs.
  • Choose the minting type you want. You need to switch on free minting to enable lazy minting on rarible.

Finally, select create item and use your wallet to make authorizations. You’re good to mint NFTs on Rarible.

How to Mint NFTs freely on Opensea

OpenSea is widely recognized as the most effective marketplace for buying and selling NFTs. For creators to be able to quickly and efficiently construct NFTs, it has developed a user-friendly creation experience. But, you will be charged a fee when selling NFT. The money you’re charge when selling your NFT goes to the developers of the platform. This implies that while producing an NFT is free, selling isn’t free.

Opensea has a competitive edge over rivals since it provides traders with exciting options. NFT owners are allowed to sell their NFTs together with those of other sellers. This is a much more profitable and inventive tactic makes sellers attract more buyers.

The following tips will give you a broader understanding of how to mint NFT on Opensea for free

1.Create a MetaMask wallet account:

You have to sign in to OpenSea with your Bitcoin wallet. The wallet most OpenSea users are accustomed to is metamask. With MetaMask, it is easy to create and its free.

2. Link your account with OpenSea:

You need to register for an account with OpenSea and link your wallet.

3. Organize your library:

Ypu nneed to organize your NFTs library when you tap on my collection under your profile located at the upper right. You can choose a single NFT or collection. Provide valuable information in the following areas such as your name, logo, royalties, descriptions and pricing.

4. Switch to a Polygon network:

By switching to a Polygon network, you can enable gas-free minting on Opensea.

5. Start minting:

On Opensea, you may begin minting by tapping the add item option under the collection menu. There will be a form presented. Your desired media file should be uploaded. Once you choose create, you may begin minting. You have now created your first NFT on the Polygon network without having to pay for gas.

How to mint on Solana

Solana does not allow for free minting. Users must add more SOL to their wallets to aid their transactions.

Steps to follow:

  1. Sign up for a Phantom Wallet account after downloading it.
  2. Get your wallets ready.
  3. Create a new account on Solsea.
  4. Integrate SolSea with your wallet.
  5. Create your NFT Collection right away.
  6. Input your information on the NFT platform.
  7. Verify and pay the minting cost.


What s gas fees in relation to NFTs?

Most NFT blockchains will need at least a network transaction to conduct minting operations. The transaction costs linked to these blockchains are referred to as gas fees.

Can I mint without paying for gas money but not with lazy minting?

You cant mint for free without using lazy minting. For lazy minting owners of NFTs are not charged gas money for their collections. The buyers bear the cost of gas money.

Which NFT Types Sell the Best?

The most popular NFT is artistic. Consequently, art has the highest sales of any NFT category. The NFT tokens that are most popularly purchased are utility NFTs, metaverse and gaming NFTs, music NFTs, meme NFTs, and other NFT tokens.