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How to get rid of inferiority complex

The idea of inferiority complex is still shredded in secret to many self-improvement seekers. It has a close relation to shame, shyness and many other self-esteem issues. It is based on the idea that certain parts of one’s personality are of inferior value (I may feel that I am ugly, unintelligent, untalented, small, fat, unpopular, etc.). Our privilege of being emotionally stable to enjoy our everyday life and work is usually disturbed by this feeling.

The compulsion to compare oneself with others is the root of inferiority complex feeling, looking at oneself based on the behavior of others, their social status and possession, then feel yourself with jealous and envy. At the core of this lies the need to put others on an imagination pedestal and trying to be like them. We project who they are, then engage in self-depreciating behaviors in the hope that one day we will be like them and they will approve of us.

We often value ourselves base on certain conditions which are unrealistic and supper human, if only I am smarter enough my life would be much better, if only I were more attractive, intelligent, slimmer. If only I didn’t have such an ugly nose or bad skin. If I had good education, I would be valued and love by others. All these wishes and conditions are rather compounding the inferiority complex and shame but we often think they are solutions.

Another interesting deceptive behavior we use to feel better is the fantasy of a better future. We form images and ideals in our mind believing that when such things are fulfilled in our lives we can overcome the feeling of inferiority complex and life will begin to flow joyfully. Most of these images don’t even exist in the real world they are our own ego need to be superior to everyone else on this planet.

“Others have it I must also have it” the default judgement we put on ourselves is one of the key behaviors that contribute to our need to value ourselves inadequate and inferior. We don’t examine the basis by which we measure our worth we rather accept that of the masses. At some point we need to relax and ask ourselves are the demands of my inner voice base on my personal values or that of the world? Auto piloting can create a vicious cycle of inferiority complex, low self-esteem and shame, it is up to every one of us to be in charge of our emotional environment.

Inferiority complex has held you back for some time now it seems everyone is progressing and you remain the same with severe obsessions about the future. Having inferiority complex does not mean there is something wrong with you can take some steps to overcome it completely and enjoy your journey of a sweet and spontaneous life. Here in this article I am going to give you some steps that can support you in your recovery journey.

The whole pattern of the inferior feeling is because of the behavior of our inner voice. What it tells us is ok and what is not. We are enough or not, sometimes it says we are the worst, another time it gives a condition, you can be loved if only you are nice to others, prove yourself so that you can get the attention of others and many more. Now you what can do is that you have to listen to your inner voice stories of life, recognize that what your inner voice is telling you is a portion of the truth not all, then resist by not accepting the stories of your inner voice as the truth of life. Never try to overcome your inner voice! It is absolutely impossible. Just gently tame it.

Another way to overcome your inferiority complex is to recognize and give yourself a value. You are the reflection of the universe what you believe about yourself that is how the world treat you. Is it ok to be shy, incompetent in certain area of your life? We all have the chance to change at any time so why do we have to compare ourselves with other people and leave our own creativity within us?

My last tip is overcome a global conclusion of your weakness. It true we can fall behind standards in certain areas of life but that does not necessarily mean that we are good for nothing, there are people who are good at social life and find it difficult to manage their own private life, the vice visa is also true. I know celebrities who are good at their screen job but find it difficult to get a good partner. I know someone who has difficult walking but a great lawyer in court. The measure of your judge of your weakness will result in the same measure of limitation you put against yourself.

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