There are times you want to hide some important conversations from being read by your partner, friend or relative when by mistake they get hold of your phone and they scroll through your WhatsApp chats.

You can easily hide your chats on WhatsApp with the ‘Archived feature’. When you hide your chats it basically doesn’t mean it has been deleted. However, it is been hidden and can be retrieved anytime you want it.

Here’s how to hide chats on WhatsApp:

  • Step 1: press on any chat for a while and WhatsApp will show you an Archive box on the top of the app


  • Step 2: Click on the box to hide your chats.

Also take note that when you archive a group or a personal chat with someone, you won’t receive messages from them until you are mentioned or replied to.

Steps to follow to undo ‘hidden’ chats on Android:

  • Step 1: Go down to reach the end of the chats.
  • Step 2: See an Archived section and then click on it. Then you will get to see all the hidden chats.
  • Step 3: In case you wish to see the hidden chats at the top again, then just long-press on any chat and click on the same Archive box.




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