How to Make the best Decision for yourself.

Making the best decisions in your life

Making the best decisions in your life is what can make your life better and allow you to move forward with goals or activities that you plan on doing. Even the smallest decisions can point you to where you are going in life. For example, you have recently received a new job offer but the commute is 20 miles away.  The job doesn’t even pay that much but you’re thinking of taking it. You had originally planned on going to school for nursing. Which one do you think is a better idea?

Obviously, going to school for nursing is a better idea since it will help you in your future. You won’t be making any money right now but at least you will secure your future. Plus, earning anywhere from $30 $50 an hour would be better than working 12 hours a day at $12 an hour. The choice is yours. Remember to make good choices and not ones that will put your future in jeopardy.

How do you make a life changing decision?

 Another example is making the best decisions in relationships. If you have a family member who has fallen into a dark path and refuses to get out, they may want to bring you down with them. However, they don’t mean to do this intentionally. 

 Your cousin recently started doing drugs again and they even asked if you would go smoke with them. You are already in a good position in your life. You work hard, have a sweet husband/wife and are well on your way to owning your own home. Jeopardizing this would be foolish. People make foolish mistakes all the time and even though they do it, you shouldn’t. If you have a brother or sister, you will be more likely to be cooperative in making positive decisions. After all, you want your relative to have a good life but in order to do this, you must concentrate on yourself.

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 Some decisions are difficult to make. When you do make a decision, you need to outweigh the bad and goods this is how you can find out which decision is better. Should you go to that important business presentation or skip it to go to an interview for a job that pays more. This is a difficult decision since you do not know if the company will hire you right away and it’s only for an interview. However, you do have a good chance. Think about the possibilities before you dive into a risky decision.

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