October 2, 2023
move google authenticator to new phone

Using passwords for your google accounts has been in existence for decades now. However, there is a new way of protecting your important information from hackers and it is the two-step authentication which provides better security for your Google accounts.

You can do this by following the two-step process to log into your Google apps.

Google Authenticator is an app you can download from Google Play store, App store and it will assist you in getting verified on your google accounts and allows you to use your phone to confirm your identity before accessing your account.

This is really helpful because there have been several instances of people getting robbed of their google accounts since hackers have their own way of getting into your account and changing your password to theirs.

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In such instances, you lose your account in addition to your important documents and information on your accounts which these hackers can use to your disadvantage. However, google authenticator is here to help protect you from being in this mess.

One other good aspect of the authenticator is that you can move it to your new device only if you have signed up. You need to move the Authenticator to your new phone to track all your important information, files, photos etc. in your google account.

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How to move Google Authenticator to your new phone

  • On your new smartphone, download and make sure to install the Google Authenticator application.
  • Using the desktop, open Google’s webpage for two-step authentication and log in. when it becomes an option, click on “Move to a different.”
  • Click on continue on the smartphone you’re using and you should expect a barcode or code.
  • Open the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone and follow the onscreen instructions. You’ll be requested to scan a barcode shown on your computer.
  • After you scan the barcode, a six-digit code should appear on the Google Authenticator app. The code given by the app changes every time it is requested for security reasons. Type the code into the corresponding field on your computer and click ‘verify’ to get your device verified.

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