December 10, 2023

How to move to your next next level consistently

Day in an day out we hope for the best, to become better. But it becomes hard to meet these Hope’s. I believe this is because we do not put in place the systems and plans to make that happen. In this video, I give you 4 good steps to help you consistently move to each and every level you need to. It’s not a magic formulary and it involves some work. Everything Good and worth having takes time to build so be patient and work your way around my 4 steps to moving to the next level.

4 steps to moving to your next level

1.You gotta be hungry.

Your hunger levels will determine how you attack the bull either by the horn or otherwise. Being hungry will allow you to overcome all the needed obstacles in the way to get to your next level. The “hunger” concept can be considered as desire. To become successful and achieve massively in an area, you must be obssessed with what you do. You must possess the desire to see your dreams achieved. Only when you possess such pulsating desire that you will be able to endure the hurdles, challeneged and disappointments which come with journeying to the top.

2. You gotta decide

If you live life casually, you’ll end up a casualty. – Les Brown

You need to decide. Make a conscious decision and not something you live up to for one day and then you’re done. Once you make such a decision you’ll be able to take the pain to do your research and find out what you need to sacrifice. There is pne thing about deciding. When you decide to do something, taking youre a person of their word, you take up responsibility to see that decision fully implemented and the desired results obtained. There’s no such thing as nothing for something. So decide and know what you are going to sacrifice.

3. You gotta raise your standards.
Whatever level you want to rise up to definitely has higher standards than that of which you are currently in. You’ve got to raise your standards to that level’s. Doing this will enable you to vibrate at the level people in that level do. Itll allow you to start to embody that level before it materializes. Raising your standards means doing everything above your means. Iif you initially gave in 2 hours, you may have to go double. Depending on how fast you want to rise, you would have to sometimes triple and qaudruple your efforts to make sure you reach that level you wanted to reach. There is one thing about rasising your standards. Even if you are able to reach your set goals, you will definitely be able to reach far beyond your previous level. So dont be scared that you wont be able to reach your goals. Set them and decide to achieve them. Believe in yourself.

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4. Commit to Kaizen.
Kaizen is simply a Japanese term for continuous learning and improvement. Committing to kaizen will allow you to consistently move up to whatever levels you want to. This is the secret to staying up. The three steps before this will get you to where you want to go but this one will help you stay there and continually move up. As you develop hunger and desire for you next level, know that it wont be possible without making that bold decision, raising your standards and commiting to lifelong learning and improvement. Life is a leaning journey. People with more experince and knowledge often live better lives.

These will take time and lots of effort to work through. Pay attention to them and you’ll soon be where you want. The truth of the matter however is that they may not show any results in the first few days or even weeks. This doesn’t mean they’re not working. Keep working on them and you’ll soon see massive changes in the way you live and what you’ve achieved for yourself.

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