If good politicians don’t rise and speak up, they’ll be killed just as Mfantseman MP was killed – A Plus

Founder and leader of The People’s Project, Kwame Asare Obeng, has said that it is time for good Parliamentarians to rise and speak and join the masses to chase the evil ones out in ensuring equality before the law else, they will be attacked and killed just like the Mfantseman MP, Ekow Quansah Hayford.

The Controversial Ghanaian musician made this known on his Facebook page. He noted that Politicians always want the best for themselves, friends and families.

This has created a perception in the minds of the ordinary Ghanaian that we live in an ‘animal farm’ where some people matters more than others and has created some sort of emity between people in power and the ordinary Ghanaian.

He lamented how a whole deputy speaker of Parliament asked security personnels tp kill galamseyers but couldn’t suggest a punishment for politicians who took double salaries.

Again , A Plus cited how the missing excavators scandal was left to die naturally because it involves party bigwigs.

A Plus then posited that these acts are creating enmity between the people and politicians and just as an MP was attacked in the central region for causing hardship, they will start coming after others too irrespective of your party.

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His humble appeal is for all Ghanaians to ‘marry’ the “orders from above” irrespective of their candidature. And for that, everyone should be treated equally whether the person is a appointee of government or an office clerk.

Read his full statement below:

We were in this country when a whole deputy speaker of Parliament proposed that people who engage in galamsey must be shot and killed on sight without a fair trial. And yes, we heard stories of some galamseyers who were killed. But that deputy speaker failed to propose any form of punishment for those parliamentarians who took double salary (pure stealing) They were not even charged. They are walking free.

The deputy speaker didn’t propose that those who stole excavators must be arrested. They are walking free today. He didn’t propose that those who sacked poor people from their own land, sized their equipment and gold in the name of stopping galamsey but ended up selling the gold and giving the land and equipment to their family and friends to mine must be executed by shooting. He has been very quiet like a Chinese Bluetooth speaker which cannot connect.

As for the ordinary people working on their land to make ends meet, they can be hunted and shot like wild animals. Law students were brutalized by police for demonstrating peaceful but even during a pandemic when the president himself has put restrictions in place, his people are allowed to demonstrate because of a social media comment.

You see, these are the things that have brought enmity between politicians and the people. If good politicians don’t rise and speak and join the people to chase the evil ones out, it does not matter whether you are NDC or NPP, you will buy the farm just as an innocent MP bought the farm in the central region not long ago.

The ear that does not listen to advise follows the head when it is chopped off.

Good morning.


Source: Nana Kwame/ Smartandstuck.com


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