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Weed has a lot of medicinal purposes. It has been tried and tested to cure chronic illnesses. Weed has a lot of medicinal purposes. It has been tried and tested to cure chronic illnesses. You will find a bit of it used in cosmetic products such as hair creams, body lotion etc. Marijuana has proven to be the best cure for hair and skin disorders. Can we go into details?

Nutrients extracted from cannabis are used to make cosmetic products, medicinal products and a whole lot of products to help solve a problem. Once our main focus is on its benefits on the skin and hair our attention will be more focused on cosmetic products of weed. In the manufacture of cosmetic products, the plant seed and oil are mostly used. Very rich in vitamins and good for the skin as well. Although both plant seed and Hemp oil is used, hemp oil is mostly used in the manufacture of cosmetic stuff.

Below are some benefits of weed products for your skin and hair growth:

Bacterial Skin Infection:

Studies have proven that Cannabis has potential to fight bacterial infection of the skin and other ailments. CBD which is extracted from cannabis kills bacteria. CBD  has proven to solve a lot of  infections which has treated for long and there seems to be no cure for it.

Also, cannabis according to a study has proven to kill MRSA bacterium which causes illness and is hard to treat. Cannabis extracted nutrients such as THC and CBD has cured so many skin infections including skin diseases, including boils, cellulitis, impetigo.

May Help Fight Alopecia:

The human body has cells that help fight some illnesses in the body. Alopecia is the loss of hair due to autoimmune disorder. You can lose your around your face including your eyelashes. Cannabis can help fight against autoimmune disorders including alopecia.


But that does not mean using cannabis and leaving other treatments out. Cannabis alongside other treatments may help strengthen your immune system and fight alopecia.

Cannabis May Strengthen Your Scalp Health:

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil comes from cannabis plants and can be given for a lot of therapeutic benefits. Research has shown CBD oil helps in regrowth of hairs and other benefits and is also rich in phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin E. For Scalp health, CBD oil is the preferred proven to provide your Scalp with the right nutrient for its growth.

No matter the condition of your hair, CBD may help it to grow well on your Scalp.

Marijuana Can Either Help In Acne

There has not been concrete evidence to ascertain cannabis is the absolute choice when it comes to acne treatment. However, cannabis has helped in treatment of psoriasis.

Marijuana helps in the treatment of the redness of the skin during acne treatment because of its antibacterial capabilities. But as to whether it can help cure you from acne has not been proven although a few properties in cannabis may help in the fight of some symptoms of acne.

At the end of the piece I have given a few points on the benefit of Marijuana popularly referred to as weed for your skin and hair growth. As you glance through the article you can pick vital information if you fall short within any of the points I have elaborated on.

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