Is organic reach important? simple steps on how to fight decline in organic reach on social media

Social media has now become the lifeline of many businesses and brands globally. Why so? This is because it is the place a lot of people come to interact and have fun. This buttresses the point that in the midst of a large crowd, there is the potential of getting your customers and there is no doubt a lot of companies have targeted social media to reach their customers and also to gain potential customers in addition.

There is not much difference when it comes to organic reach in the past few years as a lot of posts on social media have less organic reach and thus motivating marketers and brands to go in for sponsored advertisements on social media because that looks promising. The average reach of an organic post on Facebook Page is estimated around 5.20%. According to the statistics, roughly one in every 19 people sees the pages’ content which is not promoted. This does not look good to many brands who want to connect to a large audience.

What is organic reach?

Organic reach on social media means the number of people who get to your content through unpaid distribution. In this instance you do not promote your content through sponsored ads or influencers but people get to see your contents. And this includes people who see your posts in their News Feed or visit your page. Organic reach does not have a target audience thus, through organic reach, anyone can see your content. Also, each social media network has its algorithms system which determines how organic content is shared.

In the write-up, I have come out with five (5) factors that will guide you to fight the decline of organic reach on social media.

Know the algorithms: In everything, being on the known helps your way out on many situations. You should learn the algorithms of each social network you are currently using. Have in-depth knowledge of what you are about and be prepared to learn about new changes and trends of the algorithms to help boost your expertise in your field of display such as maybe the social media networks company for a company or brand. Algorithms use these three principles to rank a post or content high on the social media space. How recent is your content? This helps make it rank higher as compared to other posts. For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, contents that were made out of the pandemic had more reach since it was a global pandemic and people were ready to read more about such news and know the happenings in other countries and how to plan their lives. Also, relevance counts in algorithms such that your contents should be of much importance to your audience. That is when you get your reach. People do not like to read stuff which is of no use to them. Lastly, engagements on your posts you have published helps you reach high organic traffic. Sometimes you do not instantly get the results of reaching a higher audience with your posts but after a while people start reacting to your posts by commenting and sharing, you get to realize that your posts are gaining high organic reach.

Develop a plan/strategy: Take time to plan your social media contents. To get your posts performing extremely well on social media, you have to put some thought into it. You should not just be naïve when it comes to social media posts and also avoid trying to peep on other pages and copy contents performing well in order for your page to rank. It does not help. Know your audience thus having insight about the kind of people you want to reach and segregate them into demographics. You should also know what they are interested in and that will alert you on the kind of content you need to create for them. But to do all these you need to have access to the insight of your audience on social media. How do you go about this? A lot of social media platforms offer insights through their native analytics tools. Having such insights, you get to appreciate your audience and their preference. This will inform you on the kind of contents you have to post for their consumption. Knowing the preference of your audience should not be a yardstick to be a one-sided brand thus sharing a particular post all the time. Build your brand and make it a target to reach more audiences by creating interesting and captivating posts for a greater good. Therefore, measure your success with growth and interaction metrics.

Quality content: After getting to know your audience and their preferred content, strive to post high quality content of your own. Such contents are highly viewed and important and given the necessary read. Take for instance a brand like Samsung mobile which does not give specifications about their mobile devices but are only interested in creating funny jokes for its audiences. Giving specifications about the devices such as the quality of the latest updates and functions of the Samsung brands generates interest and helps to reach high organic traffic. Do not take your audiences as passive ones. It is the same with the content you try to create about your brand. Do not relent on giving your audience their preferred content but losing focus on sending home the values and principles of your brand can be suicidal. In this manner, consider quality in adding value to your audience and giving them content they actually want and need. You can do this by conducting surveys through Facebook polls, Instagram or Twitter polls and get to know what your audience are struggling with and what they prefer seeing on your social media network. With this, you can create your contents in a well-tailored manner to reach the greater part of your audience.   

Consistency: Knowing your audience and developing high quality contents should be backed by being consistent with the posts on your social media network.  Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other social media network you want to reach high organic traffic, never back down on feeding your audience with information that will always ring in their minds. Your posting frequency should always be on form. This will prompt your audience about your seriousness and uniqueness in your field of delivery. We are sometimes hit with life challenges each and every day but do not let it get into your field of work if you want high organic reach. This is because the moment you become inconsistent, you will not be taken seriously by your audience who will perceive you as someone who does not know what he or she is about. Your post will not reach the high audience you may want because your audience will lose interest in your posts which sometimes come once in a month. Therefore, it is important to post regularly and at the right time. Know when your audience is online to best deliver your contents to them. To maintain your presence on the social media network and get high audience reach, you need to post consistently. Have a long term plan for your social media network. In this case, you develop content themes, a recurring series of well researched articles that hovers around your audience interest and scripted contents you have written down. 

Be interactive on your posts: Respond to the comments on your posts. People will engage with your posts if they know they will get feedback on their questions or suggestions. Do not assume your audience should be all-knowing. When it gets to a point when you do not reply to comments of your audiences seeking clarification on one or two things, they will stop visiting your page which they might assume as a ghost page to even read your posts. It is of great essence to create such friendliness between you and your audiences. After posting something, give yourself some time to respond to a few early comments. This will interest others to chip in one or two comments and it is a good move to promote your brand’s value and reach high organic traffic.