January 6 rioter honoured by lawmaker with a post-prison gift

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Dr. Simeon Gold has received a gift from lawmaker Rep. Louie Gohmert after she accepted she was involved in the January 6th 2021 fatal attack of the US capitol. Earlier this year, Gold accepted she was guilty of storming the presidential place before a jury.

Anti-vaccine activist Dr. Simeon Gold allegedly disregarded police on January 6 and addressed other protesters.

Gold completed the two-month prison term that was imposed upon her. Two weeks prior to the end of her sentence, she was discharged from the Miami prison.

Despite living in Florida and not being a representative of Gohmert’s congressional district in Texas, Gold stated that she had received a flag flown over the capitol that she and others attacked.

Gold was shared by Gohmert describing the her as a patriot and an American hero.

His reason for calling Gold a patriot is because he believes the latter’s action on the fateful day was a peaceful walk into the capitol.

“God Bless Dr. Gold,” Gohmert indicated.

To him: “History will not look kindly upon those who persecuted ― and prosecuted ― doctors who spoke out against the COVID lockdown, mask and vaccine mandates.”

But Victor Ruiz has clapped back at the lawmaker for awarding an activist who was part of a mayhem that rokced the US capitol.

He tweeted: “To take an individual guilty of an assault on Democracy and give them the flag of the country they spit on? Louie Gohmert is a waste of oxygen,” Ruiz wrote.

Also, a Democratic strategist Kurt Badella has criticized the lawmaker calling for his expulsion from congress.


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