My first day at work

Waking up around 4:30am on weekdays is something you should now get used to, in fact it should be an everyday routine for you as you start this new chapter in life, she said.

Daniel, please make me proud and with this I mean, always be discipline, humble, willing to learn, kind and above all put God first in everything you do. Also know where you are coming from and what you want to achieve in life. she added.

These were the words of my mother when she called me on Sunday evening from Accra to offer a piece of advice and also to wish me well as I entered the world of work.

The pep talk she gave me in all sincerity really brings back memories of when I was first going to boarding school at Pope Jones Senior High Seminary , only difference being that, my mother this time round was assured that that I could handle myself in a manner that was expected of me and that I was ready to succeed as an individual.

To be fair, the timing of mummy’s advise could not have come at a better time since I would be commencing work on Monday as an employee for the Timber Industry Development company at Takoradi, or Taadi as it fondly called by many in the Western region.

Life as worker in Taadi

In time past, I had paid some visits to Takoradi not for pleasure or work but simply because I wanted to meet up with some family relatives of mine for old time’s sake.

During those times, I usually would have to spend a day or two at most in Taadi and head back to Cape Coast where I was then schooling at the University of Cape Coast or go back to the nation’s capital, Accra, if school had vacated.

How time flies, today I am now resident in this beautiful city ready to give out my maximum best as an employee where I work and also play my part towards ensuring the socio economic development of the the place.

I must admit that although the advent of the novel coronavirus disease has brought about alot of despair and discomfort in our day to day lives, the dreadfull disease has failed in it quest to create disunity and divison in Takoradi at least from where I speak.

Ever since I moved, the residents and my colleagues have been nothing but hospitable and nice towards me.

Although, the social distancing protocols remains a top priority for both authority and individuals alike. I have personally felt the warmth and receptive nature of the people be it at my work place (during the orientation period) and outside of it when I am home or engaging with different people in various endeavours.

First day at office

It was a bright Monday morning in the city, as I set off to my workplace located near the Ghana Revenue Authority buidling.

One can just picture me , in my neatly ironed blue sleeves, with a pair of black trousers , nicely trimmed hair and a well polished shinny black shoes to match. Hmm on that day I did everything possible to be sparkle and also to be at my handsome best.

Work usually begins at 8:00 AM but typical of me I was already on the premises before 7:30AM just prove a point.

You know they say first impressions are everything and again you are addressed by they way you are dress so I didn’t want to create a bad impression for myself on my first official day at the office.

At the office, I interacted with my new work colleagues in my department where I was then shown my working space and tools with which I would work with then the time for serious business arrived.

My boss, Mr Woods who by the way has a very nice personality and carries himself befitting his position was very receptive and welcoming on my first day.

He offered words of encouragement and urged that I feel free to approach when I am facing any difficulties.

For starters, I was made to observe and support my other colleagues in the performance of their duties on my first day. This was help to me know what was expected of me as far my job role as a Public Relations Officer was concerned.

Here, I was fully convinced and assured that things would be easy for me judging from the positive reviews and comments I received from my colleagues .

After 5:00 PM which is the official closing time for workers in the company, I picked up a taxi to my house.

In summary , my first day at work was not bad at all, and I hope that in the coming days it would get better.

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