Nigeria sends a strong message to Ghana Gov’t over demolishing exercise

The Speaker of the House of Representatives of Nigeria, Femi Gbajabiamila has slammed Ghana government for not upholding the integrity and sovereignty of Nigeria after a portion of a building at the premises of Nigerian High Commissioner To Ghana was destroyed in Accra.

The said people who destroyed part of the property are described to be unknown by Ghana government. On Sunday, News went rife that some unknown armed men have destroyed a part of a yet to be completed building which belongs to Nigeria’s High Commissioner.

Reacting to the report, Femi Gbajabiamila said “It is trite that the embassy of any country, is actually the sovereign location in that particular country”, the Speaker said, adding: “So, from that point of view, we need to address this in that context that Nigeria was attacked”.

In his view, “It’s not an ordinary land dispute. No it’s not. It has now metamorphosed into a dispute between two countries”.

“The question I want to ask is this: If, per adventure, for argument sake, it was the US embassy that was demolished in Ghana, do we think the US will be talking about apology, ‘we’ll look into it?’, that’s all I want to know”, he wondered.

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“It underscores the point when we’re told that this is the second time it’s happening. Of course, it happened the first time, they got away with it and, of course, they are going to do it again; they get away with it this time, they are going to do it the third time”, he noted.

The Nigeria’s Speaker said he has tried to contact Ghana’s Speaker of Parliament to set things right but not just apology all the time since the issue is of concern to both part countries.

“We must put a stop to what has become recurrent decimal or perennial problem between Nigeria and Ghana. To me, this is like a sibling rivalry between two sister countries but even in sibling rivalries, there is a line you just don’t cross and they just crossed the line, albeit the second time. What are we going to do about it?”

He then called on the Nigerian Government not to be soft on the matter.

“For you to now, without any fear of a country like Nigeria or any country, even the smallest country, go under the cover of the night, the police did not come, nobody showed up, and just demolish the place, shows high disrespect for the country and that’s why we’re here to uphold our honour and glory otherwise we’ll become sleeping giants, a laughing stock – South Africa did it, Ghana did it, tomorrow it will be the turn of Uganda, and the next time it will Ethiopia and what will do? Because of the gentleman that we are as a country, we’ll continue to send letters, and accept apologies.

“Let’s be a little bit more stern, a little bit more aggressive in our approach. The days of trying to be a gentleman and be diplomatic, I think we should put that aside … you can excuse the first time but when it happens the second time, something sterner must happen”, he insisted.