June 3, 2023
Bayern Münich have confirmed the signing of Sadio Mané from Liverpool on a three-year deal. The Bundesliga champions reached an agreement with Liverpool last week to sign the attacker

Bayern Münich have confirmed the signing of Sadio Mané from Liverpool on a three-year deal. The Bundesliga champions reached an agreement with Liverpool last week to sign the attacker. Bayern paid €32m as a transfer fee for Mané.


Bayern Münich have confirmed the signing of Sadio Mané from Liverpool on a three-year deal. The Bundesliga champions reached an agreement with Liverpool last week to sign the attacker

Mané was unveiled to the media on Wednesday after he had successfully completed his medicals in Munich.

In introducing the Senegalese to the media this is what Bayern CEO Oliver Khan, had to say:

“We are delighted that we’ve been able to recruit Sadio Mané for FC Bayern. With his outstanding performances and his great successes at the highest international level over many years, there are very few players like him in the world. We’re sure that Sadio Mané will delight our fans in the coming years with his spectacular style of play. He’s ambitious and eager to win more titles. This package is very strong. With players like him at FC Bayern, all the biggest goals are possible.”

Hasan Salihamidžić, FC Bayern board member for sport also shared his thoughts on Mané’s signing: “In Sadio Mané a top international star is coming to FC Bayern, who has left his mark on world football. We’re proud to have brought him to Munich. Sadio made it clear from the first minute in our talks that he now wanted to play for FC Bayern. Everyone knows his outstanding technical qualities as well as his incredible mentality. He will contribute a lot and help to lead our team, which has a great structure. The fact that he’s joining FC Bayern shows that our club and he have big aims. Sadio Mané fits perfectly with the football that FC Bayern play under Julian Nagelsmann.”

According to Mané, when his agent told him about Bayern interest he quickly gave his yes and told his agent to get a deal done as soon as possible.

Mané shared his thoughts on his move in an interview with Bayern media

Sadio Mané: “I’m really happy to finally be at FC Bayern in Munich. We spoke a lot and I felt great interest from this great club right from the beginning, so for me there were no doubts. It’s the right time for this challenge. I want to achieve a lot with this club, in Europe too. During my time in Salzburg I watched a lot of Bayern games – I really like this club!”

Mané also reflected on his time at Liverpool and his love for the club

“After every game! After every one of my games in Munich I will come to the dressing room and I will watch Liverpool. I just want to say good luck to them and I have an eye on them.”

“I am going to be Liverpool’s No.1 fan forever. And for sure they will be even better because I know the boys: great players, great talent, great maturity and attitude, so of course, Liverpool will always stay even better, for sure.”

Mané on playing at Anfield

“Playing at Anfield I think always gives you so much power because of the fans. So, for sure I am going to miss you guys but anyway, I love you guys.”

“I still have my house in Liverpool and everything so for sure I will come back, of course, and I would love one day to come back to Anfield to say hi to them and of course to watch Liverpool playing because for me, I am going to be Liverpool’s No.1 fan.”

“I think whoever is leaving Liverpool, with those supporters you will always miss them because so far [they are] the best in the world.”

Sadio Mane on Jurgen Klopp:

“I think we had a really, really, really good relationship and [he is] a great manager. He has heart and also like I said now, he dedicated himself [and that] makes him so special.”

“I think it was the greatest season and the [most] enjoyable season I had in Liverpool because I can say we were almost there to win the quadruple, which would have been amazing.”

Sadio Mané on his partnership with Firmino and Salah

“Wow, for sure, Bobby and Mo – what players! I think there are no other secrets because playing alongside these great players, they make everything easier for me.”

“Of course, he helped me a lot to become the player I am, and the staff and all the boys, the players. And myself, like I always said, I never stopped working hard as well.”

“I think I am just supporting this and especially Bobby, who always dropped and made space for me and Mo, I think it was just incredible.”

Sadio Mane on Liverpool Football Club:

“It’s the best club in the world, so I wish them all the best.”

“It was fantastic in the club, in the dressing room. I am friendly with everybody, the coaching staff and even the kitchen staff, the ladies in the kitchen! So, for me leaving in a good way is so, so important – and [for] the fans as well.”

“Liverpool still have great players and you have Diogo and Diaz also – wow, what a player they have!”

Mane: “Obviously it is strange – really, really strange – to no longer be a Liverpool player after six years spent at Anfield. But of course I had a great time, an unbelievable time.”

“I really, really enjoyed training, playing, at Anfield especially and in front of these amazing supporters. Now it’s come to the end, so what can you say?”

Sadio Mane on his favourite goal:

“Wow! I will say my first goal at Emirates Stadium against Arsenal on my debut. And then after my second goal, I will say “against Bayern Munich, against Manuel Neuer!”

Mané on his favourite game for Liverpool 

“I will go first of all for 2019 when we beat Barcelona at home, that was incredible, and as well when we won the Champions League. For me, so far that is the best, best moment, or the moment that will stay forever in my head, for sure.”

Sadio Mane’s final message to the fans as a Liverpool player:

“Thank you, thank you. Thank you guys, much love still, don’t worry! Bye, all the best!”