Okada Legalization: NDC setting low standards for Ghanaians – Pius Hadzide

Deputy Information Minister, Pius Enam Hadzide, has said the Opposition National Democratic Congress are always setting low standards for Ghanaians and are concernerd with moving the country backward instead of thinking ahead.

He made this statement in an interview Accra-based Okay FM with host Kwame Nkrumah Tikese, September 18.

His statement is in response to comments from the Flag Bearer of the NDC with regard to the legalization of Okada business in the country after the NDC is voted into power.

Mr. Mahama on a campaign tour of the Volta Region, promised to legalize the Okada Business when he wins the December polls.

This is because the Okada business is a means of transport for the poor.

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“I’ve been seeing young people who have finished school and they can’t find a job and, so, they are look for something they can do and many of our young people are riding motorcycles and transporting people from place to place, and we call them Okada”.

“But in our law, it says Okada is illegal but Okada is a reality, it has come to stay, you can’t stop it, and, so, I’ve suggested and I say when we come into office, we will legalise Okada but we will regulate it”, Mr Mahama said.

He explained further: “We will regulate it and we will give them training so that they can do their business safely without causing the lives of people, they must obey all the traffic regulations in order that they be allowed to pursue their profession”.

Reacting to the statement from the former President, Mr. Hadzide indicated that the NDC is a retrogressive party not thinking of how Ghana can compete with developed countries such as the USA, London etc.

“The NDC is always thinking backwards and this are the same people who want to rule this country.”

According to Mr. Hadzide, Nigeria where the Okada Business originated from to Ghana has passed a bill to ban it so it is in the right direction if the Akufo-Addo government is doing same. The reason for the ban is because of the many lives lost due to accidents and increased robbery cases.

This, he said is legitimate reasons for banning the Okada business because the Akufo-Addo led administration put the safety of Ghanaians first in anything.

Also, most of the Okada riders are into the business because it is the only job that can fetch them money everyday. Most of the Okada riders would not have joined the business if there had been a better option for them.

Not making them jobless, government would rather give these Okada riders the alternative to own new cars on a lease basis in order for them to carry out their activities in a much safer.


Source: Nana Kwame/ Smartandstuck.com

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