Only road left for Amoako Atta to complete is the one linking his brains to his emotions

The only road left for Amoako Atta to complete according to a senior journalist, Edwin Appiah, is the one linking intelligence to his emotions.

Edwin Appiah lashed out at the Road Minister in a post on Facebook due to how Amoako Atta handles situations.

The road minister Amoako Atta has consistently been in the news for his loose talk and erratic behaviour in handling crisis since 2017 when he was first appointed a minister by his cousin President Akufo-Addo.

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“As for the roads minister, the only road he needs to construct is the one that connects his emotions to his intelligence”, Mr. Appiah wrote.

The road Minister sometime ago noted that it is ‘unreasonable’ for people to demonstrate for their roads to be fixed.

Speaking after inspecting the 31.7km Kwafokrom to Apedwa road in the Eastern Region which forms part of the Accra-Kumasi dualization project, expressed disappointment that some educated people join in demonstrations for their roads to be fixed.

“It is unreasonable for anybody to say that all roads everywhere should be fixed simultaneously. So these demonstrations should stop. Sometimes you get people who are supposed to know better, well-educated people who should advice their colleagues joining demonstrations. Demonstrations don’t build roads,” he said.

Reacting to such statement and the immediate closure of toll booths in Ghana after Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta noted in his 2022 budget that E-levy will replace road tolls, Edwin Appiah believes the road minister has to work on his emotional intelligence.