Prophet Kofi Oduro is called by God and no weapon can break him – Rev Dr Christie Doe

The founder and General Overseer of Solid Rock Chapel International, Rev. Dr Christie Doe Tetteh, has cautioned persons and colleagues in God’s ministry who want to bring Prophet Kofi Oduro down to be careful because he is called by God.

Rev. Dr Christie Doe Tetteh who served as the personal secretary to the late Christian legend Archbishop Benson Idahosa for twelve years said that Prophet Oduro has the anointing of the Lord hence his breakthrough in God’s ministry.

“Those calling for the downfall of Kofi Oduro should know that they can’t bring down a righteous man because Kofi Oduro is called by God”, she said.

She also said that any message that comes from Prophet Kofi Oduro is not politically motivated as it is been perceived by some people in the country.

“I know my child and I know that anything he says does not come from any person but what God has directed him to say”.

She then revealed how Prophet Kofi Oduro’s ministry started when she visited the Alabaster International Ministries today, October 24.

According to her, the auditorium which has become so attractive and looking good in the eyes of many was not so in time past.

It was through her prophecy on one fateful Sunday that has uplifted the church to it current state.

“Alabaster Church which you now see and feel happy was in a deplorable state then where church members was not even up to thirty and all hoe was lost”.

“But God through me prophesied one fateful Sunday that the church will become very popular and Kofi Oduro will do wonders and it has manifested”.

Prophet Kofi Oduro in his closing remarks thanked Rev. Dr Christie Doe Tetteh for been a stumbling block behind him since he started his ministry. He asked for God’s blessing upon her life and Church.