December 10, 2023

Quinta Brunson and Jimmy Kimmel are settling the score.

The late-night presenter and the celebrity got down together to discuss the situation after it garnered news earlier this week when the host literally commented on the star’s 2022 Emmys victory.

Jimmy proceeded to act out the joke and lie on the floor throughout Quinta’s acceptance speech after she received the prize for writing Abbott Elementary’s pilot episode, becoming only the second Black woman in history to do so.

On social media, people criticized him. On his broadcast, Jimmy apologized to Quinta and informed her that he never intended to detract from her victory.

“People became incensed. They claimed that I stole your moment. And perhaps I did “He said.


“And if I did, I sincerely apologize. I apologize for what I truly done. Additionally, I would never want to hurt your feelings because I have such high regard for you. And I believe you are aware of that. I assume you are aware of that.”

Brunson apologized to Kimmel, thanking him and assuring him that his actions at the time had no bearing on her delight.

Internet fans criticized Kimmel for being rude and stealing Brunson’s spotlight, but she made light of the situation when she addressed it in a press conference following the awards night.