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Tired Of Not Ranking Higher In Google Search? Follow These Simple steps For Your Website To Make The Mark

A website that does not rank high on Google has a lot of work which needs to be done for it to rank very high in search engines.
Written by Ayileoh Jacob

A website that does not rank high on Google has a lot of work which needs to be done for it to rank very high in search engines. It becomes a headache to website owners for not making much out of their website content. There have been a lot of websites and blogs which are all fighting for a spot in search engines. And for that the slightest mistake you practice on your blog can result in your website not showing in Google search and other related search engines. 



Creating a website alone can be very tedious not to talk about having ideas about all the nitty-gritties you need to do to put it on the first page of search engines.

You need to put more effort into managing a website if you want to see great improvement in your website rankings. As every business owner has the vision to strive and make a good market, so as a manager of a website, you need to sit down and make plans on developing it to meet the best international standard. 

Follow these simple steps I’m about to explain if you want your website to rank high in Google searches. 

Long-tailed keywords should be considered if you want to rank high in Google. You are not the first person to write on any topic in this 21st century. Long-tailed keywords will help you to rake in more visitors as you continue to add more. 

If your website was created recently you might not have high Domain Authority (DA) in addition to quality backlinks that rank your site better in search engines. Compared to other websites with high Domain Authority and quality backlinks, they will always beat your site in Google Search rankings. And it is not your fault. 

That is why you do need to try and copy their headings because no matter how you try, they will always lead you. Some websites have 95% Domain Authority. Do you think you can easily compete with them? No you can’t. You might be wondering what Domain Authority. It simply means some sites have been in the system for long with good contents that have been on the web for ages. You can follow how they write their contents and how to carve yours but you do not copy them. 

You should target Long-tailed keywords which will help you rank high and boost your DA. This will help you gain more visitors and make money as well. Short-Tailed keywords are general keywords that people search for. However, Long-tailed keywords are specific information which readers will want to find on the web. Dominate with Long-tailed keywords and your website will appear more in search engines. 

Be prepared to write more quality content. There is no doubt that you have to write a lot more content when you want to dominate with Long-tailed keywords and rank higher in search engines. Sometimes we feel so tired about writing our own contents and resort to paraphrasing from other websites. This will not help you on your website rankings since Google will identify the original owner of the content and rank that website higher. Meanwhile, your website which you are craving for it to rank high will always rank low and even get no place on Google pages. 

Your own articles makes Google recognize your site as the owner of such contents and makes it rank in Google Search. The more you write, the more pages get recognized by Google and indexed and the more you get traffic. You should bear in mind that you have lead competitors who are writing at least 20 contents in a month and you can’t write. This means you should write more content which isn’t copied and has the right keywords to match the article. 

Your contents should also be parked with words. Your words should not be misleading. Contents that rank first on Google page have not less than 2,000 words. If you want your website to be like the first-page ranked sites, then do not settle on anything less. If writing more content with parked words will be a problem for you, then you can hire experts to work onthsy for you. Hiring experts to write contents for your site will save you a great deal of time. 

Work on your Image SEO if you want a good score on Google page. Working on your image SEO means, giving your images attached to every content a name that relates with your headings. Such a move makes Google easily identify the content of the article. With image SEO, you need to give an alt description to the image. That can be the first paragraph of your content or an important paragraph in your paragraph. 

Image SEO is not taken seriously by most bloggers but it is a critical aspect that can rank your website high in Google. If Google easily identifies your image attached to your contents, it gives the impression your contents are real. 

Work on building quality backlinks. Backlinks help to rank websites higher in search engines. If a website has quality backlinks, it makes it easier for that website to rank better in searches when it updates its contents. As a website owner you can build blog backlinks by contacting owners of websites that have quality backlinks than yours to link their page to yours for a fee. The focus of such blogs should be in line with yours. You should keep in mind that such backlinks should be quality and not and not backlinks they won’t push your site in Google Search. 

Your website should be mobile-friendly and responsive. Having a site that readers can use their mobile devices and tablets to view, will not rank in search engines. At the moment, people are more glued to their phones and tablets as compared to those owning laptops and desktops. Since Google has its own intelligence and has come to understand that a lot of people use phones online, websites that are not mobile friendly cannot rank in Google Search. If your website takes a very long time to load and also it does not have a responsive theme, it will be difficult to rank it higher in Google and other search engines. 

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