October 2, 2023
Your guess maybe right as mine as to why sports betting is gaining popularity in Africa

Your guess maybe right as mine as to why sports betting is gaining popularity in Africa. Thinking about it get you confused because a lot of people on Africa has taken sports betting as a profession and they breathe and on it. It is a worry to many people why energetic young men who could use their muscles to work and earn a living spend precious time on sports betting.

You see them sleep at betting centres at the expense of their beds in their house. Such youth spend all the money that get into their hand on betting. They sometimes hit the jackpot but invest back all the money they are able to win into betting again which in most cases go down the drain. The slogan all of them are found of saying is “quitters never win and winners never quit”.

Despite the worrying betting companies are capitalizing on the general acceptance by the youth to milk money from the African continent.

Below are three (3) points I have explained as to reasons Sports betting is thriving in Africa:

Population Wise:

Africa has a huge youth population. The population of the youth have the potential to do greater things but their skills are untapped due to unemployment. And so anything relating monetary value is a cash cow for them and becomes popular. They make sure to gain from betting. The requirements for betting is not expensive as well. Just by having an Android device with a little amount of data, you’re good to bet on any match you desire. Betting Doe not require anyone to prove academic Qualification. This encourage African youth to partake in it.

High Unemployment Rate:

Unemployment has become a national issue for decades now. The youth find it very difficult to get into the public sector. It only takes connection to be employed. The high rate of unemployment has pushed most youths in sports betting. A youth who does not have work doing will definitely start betting as a means of survival. The African Continent has the finest brains to tap to bring sustainability but lack of vision by African leaders and has created a huge problem of unemployment where brilliant ideas go waste. When enough of the youth are employed and earn a decent living every month, the worrying trend of most youths engaging in sports betting will drastically reduce.

Big Sports Fan Base And Taste For Foreign Sporting Activities:

There is a big sports fan base in Africa and this cut across borders. football, cricket, tennis, basketball, horse racing, wrestling etc. are all part of the sporting activities Africans like to engage in. Engaging in such activities are preferably done through betting.

In conclusion, the piece has discussed three (3) points why sports betting is gaining popularity in Africa. This include Population wise, high unemployment rate and Big Sports Fan Base And Taste For Foreign Sporting Activities.